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Moon Prep consists of experienced counselors who focus on an admissions strategy, not just adding a few commas to your personal statement. Students get one shot at admission – we understand that. We are your partner in this journey, your partner in success, and your partner in helping you land in the accepted pile at your dream school.

The Moon Prep Team

  • Moon Prep takes a team approach: Students can benefit from the collective knowledge of the team and are able to work with more than one team member, depending on the task.
  • There is no boilerplate in university applications, and grades are not enough to get accepted. We help students build a profile that stands out in more ways than high grades and test scores.
  • We work around your schedule and in your time zone. Counselors are available nights and weekends.
  • Moon Prep is the largest educational consultancy specializing in BS/MD admissions. Each counselor works with BS/MD candidates every admissions cycle.   



Specializing in BS/MD, Medical School, Ivy League, Undergraduate, and Graduate School Admissions. 

Medical Mentor

Medical Students who have gone through the journey themselves. They have been accepted to some of the most competitive medical programs in the world. Specializing in guiding students in obtaining hands-on learning experiences to strengthen their student profiles for BS/MD and Medical School.

Academic Mentor

Specializing in guiding students in obtaining hands-on learning experiences to strengthen their student profiles for BS/MD, Medical School, Ivy League, and competitive programs. 

Latest Press

Moon Prep is often quoted and spotlighted as college admissions experts in top sources, such as U.S. News & World Report, Investopedia, Mass Mutual, USA Weekly, and many other sources. Kristen Moon is a regular contributor to Forbes, where she shares her expertise on direct medical programs (BS/MD) and insider advice on the competitive college admissions landscape.

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