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Moon Prep consists of experienced counselors who focus on an admissions strategy, not just adding a few commas to your personal statement. Students get one shot at admission – we understand that. We are your partner in this journey, your partner in success, and your partner in helping you land in the accepted pile at your dream school.

The Moon Prep Team

  • Moon Prep takes a team approach: Counselors have weekly group calls so that students can benefit from the collective knowledge of the team.
  • There is no boilerplate in university applications, and grades are not enough to get accepted. We help students build a profile that stands out in more ways than high grades and test scores.
  • We work around your schedule. College admissions is not a 9-5 job. It is a nights, weekends, and holidays job. That is the level of commitment we stand behind.



Lindsey C college admissions advisor

Lindsey Conger

College Counselor and Tutor

Lindsey is a college counselor and tutor at Moon Prep. She helps students create memorable personal statements and applications that stand out from the masses. Lindsey also tutors students in writing, SAT and ACT prep to increase their academic profile to universities.

Michaela S college admissions counselor

Michaela Schieffer

College Counselor and Scholarship Coach

Michaela is a college counselor and scholarship coach at Moon Prep. She helps students craft noteworthy applications and pursue impressive extracurricular activities to catch the eye of top universities. She not only helps students attend their top-choice university, but she helps them pay for it by guiding them through the scholarship process.

Alex M college admissions consultant

Alix Markoff

College Counselor

Alix is a college counselor at Moon Prep. She enjoys working one-on-one with her students to ensure the college application process is completed smoothly. Alix is experienced with the complexities of choosing a college and provides invaluable guidance in navigating the admissions process. She guides students to create balanced college lists, dynamic applications that stand out by highlighting students' passions, and impactful personal statements.

Headshot of Nicole Cooksey

Nicole Cooksey

College Counselor

Nicole is a Licensed Professional School Counselor with a master’s degree in both School Counseling and Higher Education Leadership and Policy Studies. She is a former Financial Aid Counselor at Hofstra University where she assisted students in understanding their financial aid package. Nicole has experience as a School Counselor at a charter high school and served as the Dual Enrollment Coordinator for students taking college-level courses. She is a former college athlete, originally from Long Island, NY, and currently residing in Charlotte, NC.

Nidhi, College Counselor

Nidhi Bhaskar

College Counselor

Nidhi is an experienced college counselor at Moon Prep, where she combines her personal experience in medicine and a personal passion for mentoring the next generation of doctors. As a member of Brown University’s Program in Liberal Medical Education, Nidhi is experienced in BS/MD applications and has gained insight into the nuances of approaching admissions essays and BS/MD admissions strategies. She enjoys helping students and families create college lists, search for resume-building opportunities, and craft unique essays that highlight students’ stories and passions.

Kevin, College Counselor

Kevin Trudel

College Counselor

Kevin is a knowledgeable college counselor at Moon Prep, holding a master’s degree in Business Analytics from the University of Iowa and a Bachelor of Political Science from Grinnell College. Kevin is a former Graduate Admissions Counselor at UC Berkeley, where he worked with students across the globe to achieve their educational and career goals.

headshot of Anna Bayer

Anna Bayer

College Counselor

Anna is a Licensed School Counselor with a master’s degree in Educational Psychology. She has over 10 years of experience helping students navigate the college admissions process and maximize their academic potential. Anna works with students to tailor a strategy for their individual learning styles to help them with their essays, interview, and scholarship applications.

Headshot of Josh Franklin

Josh Franklin

College Counselor

Dr. Josh is a skilled college counselor at Moon Prep, with expertise advising school districts, county offices of education, and individual students navigating high school success and college admissions. Dr. Josh is currently an Admissions Interviewer for Harvard University and previously served as a Superintendent Of Schools, Chief Academic Officer, High School Principal, and English Teacher.

Latest Press

Moon Prep is often quoted and spotlighted as college admissions experts in top sources, such as U.S. News & World Report, Investopedia, Mass Mutual, USA Weekly, and many other sources. Kristen Moon is a regular contributor to Forbes, where she shares her expertise on direct medical programs (BS/MD) and insider advice on the competitive college admissions landscape.

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