Daniel K

Mentor + Essay Coach

Daniel is dedicated to building strong relationships with his students. He takes the time to understand them both as learners and individuals, leveraging this insight to craft a comprehensive application that showcases their unique strengths and experiences.

Chicago, Illinois

MD Candidate 2024, Rush Medical College
BS Biological Sciences, University of Illinois at Chicago

Daniel is a dedicated essay coach and mentor at Moon Prep, where he channels his passion for medical education into helping students achieve their dreams. By taking the time to understand each student’s unique goals, interests, and experiences, Daniel creates a collaborative and personalized approach to essay coaching. He works tirelessly to ensure that each student’s application is at the highest caliber possible, providing guidance and feedback that is both insightful and constructive. In addition to his expertise in essay editing, Daniel also offers valuable advice and support to help students navigate the complex and challenging path to becoming a physician. With his unwavering commitment to his students’ successes, Daniel is a trusted and invaluable resource for anyone pursuing a medical career.

Alongside his work at Moon Prep, Daniel is a fourth-year medical student at Rush Medical College in Chicago and is currently pursuing a residency in Anesthesiology. In addition to his future clinical duties, he plans on working in academics, mentoring, and educating the next generation of medical students. With a keen understanding of the medical school journey, Daniel is uniquely positioned to mentor and educate future physicians. As a student who has benefitted from the guidance of multiple mentors throughout his own journey, Daniel understands the importance of offering his unique perspectives based on individual experiences. He takes great pride in helping students navigate the grueling application process and is open to sharing his successes and failures to provide meaningful guidance and support to his students. With extensive experience tutoring high school and college students interested in medical school, Daniel is committed to providing each student with the personalized assistance they need to succeed.

Daniel’s diverse healthcare experiences have given him a multifaceted understanding of patient care. As a nursing assistant in a large academic hospital, he gained hands-on experience in the fast-paced world of acute care. At a clinic specializing in depression, he served as a mental health expert, working closely with patients to address their individual needs. And as a public health assistant in the community, he gained valuable insight into the social determinants of health and the challenges underserved populations face. These unique experiences gave him a broad perspective on healthcare and helped shape who he will be as a future physician.