BS/MD Programs: A Comprehensive Guide

Your blueprint for applying to direct medical programs. Known for their selectivity, BS/MD Programs often admit only a handful of students. Many programs have admission rates below 3%, with some offering less than 10 seats per cycle.

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Inside the book, you’ll find expert answers and advice to all your questions, including:

  • An updated list of every direct medical program in the U.S. 
  • How to achieve the “Wow Factor” on your application
  • How important are grades, AP test scores, and standardized tests
  • The best way to make yourself competitive
  • Writing an essay that helps humanize you, making you more than a few sheets of paper
  • Understanding how the MMI differs from traditional interviews

Each BS/MD Program is broken down into details, including:

  • Length of programs
  • Minimum and average GPA, SAT, and ACT scores 
  • Deadlines
  • Program requirements
  • MCAT requirements

Filled with advice and examples of real students and their successes, BS/MD Programs: A Comprehensive Guide is the most comprehensive source that walks you through this complicated process.

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