Moon Prep Is The Leader In Direct Medical Programs (BS/MD).

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We Are The Experts In Getting Students Into Competitive Direct Medical Programs

Navigating the complex world of applying to direct medical programs (BS/MD) and  has been a focus of Moon Prep since our inception. Over 80% of our students are pursuing a medical program, and we have a 94% success rate in getting our students into one of their top three schools.

Moon Prep counselors specialize in BS/MD medical programs, while also having extensive experience in BS/DO, BS/DMD and BS/DDS programs. We will give you the best shot at acceptance at one of these highly competitive programs.

Our entire team has written for and been quoted in publications like Forbes, Inc, Apple News, U.S. News & World Report, HuffPost, and more. We are consistently the leading expert in getting students into competitive direct medical programs.

Direct Medical Program Application Process

Direct Medical Program Competition Is Fierce

Every year we see more and more students applying to BS/MD programs. With the acceptance rates at U.S. medical schools being so low and the admissions process so time-consuming, we understand the many benefits the BS/MD program has to offer. These programs have always been competitive, but with each passing application cycle, the competition is getting fiercer. 

For top BS/MD programs, like Brown University’s PLME, there were more than 3,500 applications for the 2020-2021 admission cycle. With only 82 students gaining a coveted seat, the acceptance rate was just 2.3%. 

Students applying to Case Western Reserve University face similar odds. Out of the 2800 students who apply to the Pre-Professional Scholars Program, only 27 students are accepted. 

Both the Rice/Baylor Medical Scholars and the Baylor2 Medical Track Program accept only six lucky candidates for their BS/MD programs each year

With these steep odds, having an expert helping hand throughout the process can be the difference between acceptance and denial.

Moon Prep Is Your Partner In The BS/MD Application Process 

Moon Prep is the leader in successful BS/MD applications. We know what it takes to get accepted. Because the BS/MD application process is different from the traditional application process, you’ll have to spend more time building your candidate profile. We can help you:

  • Secure physician shadowing, internships, hospital work, and volunteer positions with a medical focus
  • Seek out research opportunities
  • Present your research at science fairs
  • Attend competitive science-focused summer programs
  • Prep for the MMI interview format – a unique part of the BS/MD process
  • Build your resume, with an emphasis on developing your healthcare-related experiences
  • Strengthen your academic profile
  • Help students write their BS/MD essays in a way that conveys that a career in medicine is the only path for them.
  • Figure out what to do if you simply cannot bring up your SAT/ACT score. We have students with varying scores still get accepted into top programs.

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It Takes Time To Build An Impressive BS/MD Program Profile

Building an impressive medical-focused resume takes time. BS/MD admission officers want to see a sustained, passionate interest in becoming a doctor, and this doesn’t happen overnight. 

Your Moon Prep counselor can start working with your student before they even start high school to build an extracurricular profile that will impress direct medical admission officers. 

Because a BS/MD program requires an early commitment to the field of medicine, starting now can help show your determination and preparation for the program.

You Only Get One Shot In BS/MD Admission Acceptance

Students get one chance at admission. We understand this; our counselors work tirelessly to help our students stand out from the masses and obtain a coveted spot at a top direct medical program.

Our expertise is based on experience. Each year we see what it takes to get accepted. We know the profile of accepted students and can help you have the best shot at acceptance.

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