Guiding Students On Their Path To Medicine

The Leader In BS/MD And Medical School Admissions.


Guiding Students On Their Path To Medicine

The Leader In BS/MD And Medical School Admissions.


of Moon Prep students are accepted into one or more of their top three undergraduate universities.

of Moon Prep students are accepted into U.S. Medical Schools.



group of diverse students and international accelerated medical program students

What Makes Us Different?


Moon Prep is your expert when it comes to direct medical programs and highly selective universities. We are routinely featured as the top BS/MD and Medical School admissions specialists in places like Forbes, Inc, U.S. News & World Report and dozens more.

There is no boilerplate in admissions. Top grades are not enough to get accepted. We help students build a profile that stands out in more ways than high grades and test scores.

We work around your schedule and in your time zone. College admissions is not a nine-to-five job; it is a nights and weekends job. Working remotely, using desktop sharing and video calls, provides us the flexibility to be available when our students need us.

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BS/MD Programs: A Comprehensive Guide

The ultimate manual for students approaching the direct medical (BS/MD) admission process.

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Direct Medical Programs (BS/MD)

Moon Prep counselors work with more BS/MD students than any other educational consultancy. Direct Medical Programs are our specialty.

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U.S. Medical Schools

Acceptance to U.S. Medical School is the most competitive in the world. Let our experienced counselors guide you on this path.

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Meet the counselors who will guide you in gaining acceptance at your top-choice university.


Each counselor accepts a limited number of students and our spots fill up quickly.

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Google Testimonials

Twisha Patel

Moon Prep has been so helpful to me during the college app process. They're always available to answer questions or to give feedback and email back almost immediately. The whole team is super knowledgeable about every aspect of the college application process, and they go above and beyond to help their students. Kristen and Lindsey were both so supportive, encouraging, and knowledgeable. I couldn't have done it without them!

Deb N

We hired Moon Prep last year and Alix was an amazing college counselor. She is very knowledgeable, kind, and works hard to make the process manageable... and to top it all off my daughter get into her dream school!! I highly recommend Alix and Moon Prep!

Ronald Kevin

My daughter worked with Michaela from Moon Prep on her college applications. She had a top ACT score and has always been strong in science and math (STEM), but was really struggling with writing all the essays. She must have rewritten the personal statement over five times. Michaela helped keep her on track. She helped her with brainstorming different topics and proofread everything. It made all our lives so much easier.

Mary J

Michaela is great with scholarships. She knows the process well. The first application I completed with her I received a scholarship. She helped me find the scholarships and complete all the essays. It was definitely worth it.

Trevor Donald

WOW! Alix was the most AMAZING college counselor! She worked with my child and assisted with every step of the college process! Alix is so incredibly knowledgeable about the college process from start to finish! She assisted crafting the college list, deadlines, essays, supplements and even helped press the submit button when we were ready! Her follow up, positive energy and hard work is unfathomable and so appreciated. The process is daunting, but she made it "almost" fun! Thank you Alix!

Anastasiia Robert

I started working with Michaela the summer before senior year. I applied early to Case Western as soon as the application opened. I found out I was accepted in September! It was a relief to be done with applications so early in the cycle. This way I could concentrate on senior year and my AP classes. All my friends are still working on their apps. Michaela was great. I recommend her.

Florence Ekpang

Alix helped me with my bs/md applications. She was easy to work with and was always sending me reminders. She kept me on track during this busy time and ensured nothing important was overlooked. I am so glad my parents hired her. It was great to have someone to help me and to be able to ask questions to.

Clara A

I worked with Lindsey on my medical school applications. I applied to over 30 schools. She proofread all my personal statements and secondaries. She also helped me prep for my MMI interview. The MMI interview prep was especially helpful since I was unfamiliar with this interview format and practicing with Lindsey really put me at ease the day of the interview. I am now in medical school, yay! I am so thankful for the help I received.

Ankitha Gurram

I am so thankful for Kristen and Lindsey! They have helped me so much on my college applications. They have made the process a lot easier and helped me space out my work, so that I wouldn't have to cram everything before the deadlines. Lindsey is amazing at editing and proof reading essays and it is sometimes difficult to even think of a topic, but Lindsey makes the process a whole lot easier. She made sure I completed my essays ahead of time and made sure they were perfect. Kristen worked with me from junior year and she showed me what steps I can take to make my application even better. She made sure I had everything I needed to send in to colleges. They both make time for you and will always give honest and good feedback. I am so glad I chose Moon prep to help me through this journey. I highly recommend Moon prep to anyone looking for assistance on their college applications. You will not be disappointed! :)

Francesca Jake

I had a very positive experience with everyone at Moon Prep. They are very responsive and get back to clients right away, even nights and weekends. I appreciate that. You can tell they really care about the customer experience.

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