Moon Prep Is The Leader In Direct Dental Programs

Make Dental School A Reality From High School

Becoming a dentist can be a long, expensive process. For motivated high school students committed to dentistry, Moon Prep can make that process more seamless by helping them apply to a Direct Dental Program. Our one-on-one customizable coaching services can make your dream of practicing dentistry a reality. We will give you the best shot at acceptance at one of these highly competitive programs.

Moon Prep Will Lay The Foundation For A Competitive Application Strategy

Direct Dental programs are becoming more competitive every year. As U.S. dental schools become increasingly more difficult to get accepted to, more students realize the benefits of Direct Dental Programs. 

Competition is fierce for top Direct Dental Programs, like New York University’s BA/DDS Program, with the program only accepting 6 students per year. 

Because of the selective nature of these programs, having an experienced expert on your side can give you the edge you need.

Moon Prep Will Guide You Toward Acceptance

Moon Prep has demonstrated success in getting students into Direct Dental Programs (BS/DMD, BS/DMD). We know what it takes to get accepted. Because of the specialized nature of these programs, hopeful applicants need to have a targeted plan to build their profile.

Experienced Moon Prep Counselors can help students:

  • Secure internships, shadowing  or volunteer positions with a dental focus
  • Recommend STEM extracurricular activities
  • Seek out relevant research opportunities 
  • Publish your research in academic journals, present it at science fairs and conferences
  • Build your resume, with an emphasis on developing your healthcare-related experiences
  • Apply for competitive summer programs
  • Strengthen your academic profile
  • Help brainstorm and edit compelling Direct Dental Programs that showcase your passion for dentistry
  • Interview prep geared for specific Direct Dental Programs

Schedule a call now to learn how Moon Prep can help you get accepted to a top Direct Dental program.

Strong Applications Aren’t Built Overnight

Building an application that gets noticed by top Direct Dental Programs takes time to build. Moon Prep Counselors often work with students before they even get to high school to start laying a solid foundation and help them stand out in the application process.

Start early to demonstrate your passion for dentistry and commitment to the program. Let Moon Prep guide you toward acceptance to a top direct dental program.

Schedule a call now to learn how Moon Prep can help you get accepted to a top Direct Dental program.

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