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Meaningful Research While Still In High School

Aspiring BS/MD Students often spend years building their resumes by pursuing volunteering, shadowing, and extracurricular activities. However, some students—especially underclassmen—struggle to find research opportunities that allow a student to go beyond the basics and learn transferable skills.

Moon Prep has worked closely with the University of Massachusetts-Amherst, through an exclusive partnership, to design a research camp to address the shortcoming our students have faced with other programs. With over 80% of our students pursuing Direct Medical Programs, we know what it takes to get accepted to the most competitive BS/MD programs.

Rising Researchers is a research experience like no other.

This research program offers 2 college credits, a certificate of completion, and publication in UMass’s research journal.

By the end of the program, every Rising Researcher Student will have a publication to add to their resume and submit with their college applications. The experienced scientists behind Rising Researchers will guide the student through the entire process.

Each Research Camp has limited spots, visit Rising Researchers to secure your space in one of our upcoming programs.

Build Your Resume With A College-Level Research Program

Rising Researchers is open to rising 9th – 12th grade. By the end of the camp, students will: 

  • Gain invaluable skills to help distinguish them from other competitive BS/MD and traditional pre-med candidates
  • Work under an experienced UMass Scientist
  • Earn 2 College Credits
  • Receive a certificate of completion, highlighting the student’s time commitment and effort 
  • Have your work published in the UMass Research Journal

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