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Moon Prep Offers The Most Comprehensive Interview Prep

Moon Prep customizes the interview prep experience and can help with medical school interviews, MMI (Multiple Mini Interview), and Direct Medical BS/MD interviews. We offer the most comprehensive interview prep to help ensure you receive an Acceptance Letter. 

The interview process is not only designed to learn about your background but also to assess your understanding of the healthcare system and expectations of your duties as a physician. From our years of preparing students for interviews, we have noticed that students consistently lack a thorough understanding of issues in the healthcare system and ethics. Our interview prep addresses this shortcoming.

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The Moon Prep team will work with you to set the foundation for you to be successful during your interview. Our prep sessions help to frame and polish your answers to the most common questions you expect to see at a BS/MD or medical school interview. Whether you have a traditional interview or Multiple Mini Interview (MMI), you can always expect a mix of general questions, ethics, and healthcare issues. 

Moon Prep comprehensively prepares you to answer tough questions with structures and formulas that are not taught elsewhere. 

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Many colleges, medical schools, and direct medical programs require interviews as part of their admissions process, so sharpening your interview skills is crucial to leaving a good impression on your interviewers. While interviews can often be overwhelming, Moon Prep takes away the guesswork for your interview prep. Similar to studying for your classes, interviews can be studied for and practiced. Our interview prep is structured and provides a strong foundation for the student entering the interview process. 

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How To Prepare for BS/MD Interviews

If you have a college interview or a BS/MD interview, Moon Prep’s interview coaches will use their expertise to guide you through the interview preparation process. Interviews play an important part in college and direct medical applications, so sharpening your interview skills through BS/MD mock interviews is crucial. While preparing for BS/MD interviews can often be overwhelming; Moon Prep will serve as your guide.

How To Prepare for Medical School Interviews

If you have a medical school interview, Moon Prep’s interview coaches use their years of experience to guide you through the medical school interview preparation process. Medical school interviews allow your interviewers to see if you are a good fit for their program; therefore, refining your skills through medical school mock interviews can help secure your spot in the medical school class. Preparing for medical school interviews can be overwhelming, but our interview coaches can help you feel more confident and prepared during your interview.

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Multiple Mini Interview (MMI)

MMI is an increasingly popular interview format in medical schools and BS/MD programs. MMI typically consists of different interview stations, with each station posing a different question or scenario. Students are allotted a few minutes to prepare and deliver their answers before moving on to the next station. The purpose of MMI is to assess communication, teamwork, ethics, and professionalism, all of which are part of the core competencies of being a physician.

MMI topics include traditional interview questions, ethical scenarios, current events, problem-solving, and role-playing. Figuring out how to study for MMI can be challenging because the types of questions can vary from program to program. Since MMI evaluates candidates’ interpersonal and critical thinking skills, MMI interview prep involves practicing a variety of questions and scenarios to articulate a rational answer. Although it is difficult to prepare for this type of interview, Moon Prep counselors can help you understand what the question is asking and structure thoughtful answers for various types of questions.

Moon Prep can prepare students for the following schools and programs that utilize the MMI format.

Residency Interview Prep 

Residency interviews remain the last hurdle in landing your dream residency. It can make a difference in how residency programs directors perceive your interest in the program and ultimately rank you during the Match process. 

Residency interview prep can aid in polishing your answers to convey your interest in the program and dedication to the specialty. Practicing through mock interviews and getting feedback from experienced interviewers can help you feel more confident in your answers on the residency interview trail.

What Can I Expect From Moon Prep’s Interview Prep Services?

Moon Prep counselors tailor the interview prep to your individual needs. Our service is designed to familiarize students with common interview questions and teach them how to construct well-thought-out answers. Mock interviews questions are curated to specific schools. Each mock interview and feedback session is hosted on a Zoom call and recorded. After each session, a summary detailing the interviewee’s strengths and weaknesses and the recorded session will be provided. 

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