Lindsey C


Lindsey understands the power of a memorable personal statement, and she draws on her journalism experience and storytelling acumen to help students craft powerful essays that stand out from the masses.

Portland, Oregon 

BA, Journalism and Public Relations, Indiana University

A lead counselor with Moon Prep, Lindsey partners with her students to create memorable personal statements and well-rounded applications that stand out from the masses. When mentoring younger students, she enjoys helping others find confidence and pride in what sets them apart. Lindsey guides her students in planning and executing self-initiated passion projects — from brainstorming to breaking down the steps into manageable tasks to implementing the final product. As a journalist by training with years of experience in college advising and academic tutoring, she is passionate about guiding students through the narrative form of writing and compelling storytelling. Lindsey’s goal is to help them become not only stronger writers, but also stronger applicants for admission. Through her collaborative and tailored one-on-one guidance, Lindsey helps students apply and secure admission to their top-choice institutions, across traditional four-year colleges, medical schools, BS/MD programs, and Physician Assistant programs.

Lindsey has an extensive writing background and her work has appeared in Forbes, Inc, Yahoo Finance, Dwell, Trulia, Apple News, and many other publications. Drawing on her wealth of counseling and journalism experience, she has positioned herself as an invaluable resource for aspiring college students and physicians seeking to tell a personal story that inspires and convinces. Lindsey guides her students to represent their best possible selves before admission committees. Lindsey has interviewed countless admission officers and program directors at BS MD programs and medical schools to help her get insider knowledge on what top programs are looking for. She then uses this information to help create a well-balanced BS/MD and traditional college list for her students and other mentors.  As one of the first faces new students will see at Moon Prep, Lindsey onboards new students with a clear focus on their academic and professional goals and assigns them accordingly to the best possible coach. 

Prior to Moon Prep, Lindsey has worked as an academic tutor, including SAT and ACT test-taking preparation. Drawing on weekly and bi-weekly lesson plans, Lindsey worked with students ranging from elementary school to adults. Before that, she worked in branding and public relations, honing her skills in messaging and storytelling. These roles ultimately helped Lindsey sharpen her skills in messaging and storytelling for not only major brands, but also aspiring college students with a story to tell. Lindsey has also hosted dozens of webinars and college workshops to prepare students for the lengthy admissions process. Lindsey is an experienced writer, editor, and storyteller, including personal statements and essays, and she eagerly looks forward to the next batch of inspiring stories she gets to help shape for the next generation of leaders and healthcare professionals.

Student Placements:
Lindsey has successfully helped dozens of students secure admission to top four-year universities, as well as competitive Direct Medical Programs and Direct Dental Schools. A few of her recent acceptances include:

Traditional Schools:

  1. University of Pennsylvania
  2. Duke University (Full Ride) 
  3. Dartmouth University
  4. Stanford University
  5. Vanderbilt University (Full Ride) 
  6. Northwestern University
  7. Johns Hopkins University
  8. UC Berkeley 
  9. UCLA
  10. Emory University
  11. Rice University
  12. University of Chicago
  13. New York University
  14. University of Southern California
  15. Georgia Tech
  16. UT Austin
  17. University of North Carolina
  18. University of Michigan
  19. Washington University in St Louis

BS/MD Programs: 

  1. Penn State University
  2. Drexel University
  3. New Jersey Medical School partnered programs: TCNJ, NJIT, Stevens Institute of Technology, Monmouth College
  4. Albany Medical College partnered programs: RPI and Union College
  5. Northwestern University 
  6. Boston University
  7. Tulane University
  8. Stony Brook University
  9. University of Missouri-Kansas City (UMKC) 
  10. SUNY Upstate Medical School partnered programs: Purchase University, Suny Polytechnic University
  11. Temple University 
  12. Brooklyn College
  13. Hofstra University
  14. The University of Illinois at Chicago 
  15. Washington and Jefferson University
  16. Rowan University
  17. Florida Atlantic University
  18. Colorado University – Denver
  19. Saint Louis University
  20. Seton Hall University
  21. Youngstown University
  22. Florida State University
  23. University of Central Florida
  24. California Northstate University
  25. University of Toledo 

BS/DO Programs:

  1. Nova Southeastern University
  2. Michigan State University
  3. New York Institute of Technology
  4. LECOM partnered programs: Adelphi University, Rochester Institute of Technology, California State University – Los Angeles and Fullerton, Loyola Marymount University
  5. Rowan University
  6. SUNY Geneseo
  7. SUNY Westboro
  8. Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences
  9. Illinois Institute of Technology

BS/DMD Programs:

  1. University of Pennsylvania 
  2. New York University
  3. University of the Pacific 
  4. University of Detroit Mercy
  5. Muhlenberg College
  6. University of Toledo 
  7. Augusta University
  8. St Louis University
  9. University of Connecticut
  10. Adelphi University
  11. Nova Southeastern University