Kristen Moon

Founder and CEO

Kristen Moon is the founder and CEO of Moon Prep and one of the leading experts in Direct Medical Programs (BS/MD) and Medical School admissions. 

Kristen Moon, a frequent speaker and writer on college admissions topics, is a regular contributor to Forbes and has been featured as a top university admissions expert in U.S. News & World Report, Mass Mutual, Investopedia and countless national and regional publications. Kristen has written extensively on Direct Medical Programs (BS/MD) and Medical School Admissions; she is world-known as an expert in this niche area. 

Kristen founded Moon Prep after spending over a decade as an SAT tutor and instructor. She saw that while her students scored in the top percentiles on that test,  they still weren’t being accepted to their top-choice colleges.

At first glance, it wasn’t apparent what was wrong. The students had high GPAs, top SAT scores, and impressive extracurricular activities. But after closer examination, it became clear what the issue was: THE APPLICATION.

The application did not set the student apart from the pack. It failed to convey what they had to offer the college and why they were a great fit. 

By utilizing the valuable branding and marketing strategies she learned while getting her MBA from Emory University and drawing from her experience working with students over the years, Kristen created a series of detailed action items that help applicants go the extra mile, communicate their value, and stand out from the masses. The Moon Prep team is trained in this unique methodology and is always finding new ways for students to create college applications that will jump out to college admissions officers, landing students in the college of their choice.