Lauren H

Mentor + Essay Coach

Lauren strives to encourage and inspire her students from a holistic point of view to bring their unique voice and story to admissions committees and beyond.

Fort Worth, Texas

MD Candidate 2026, Anne Burnett Marion School of Medicine at Texas Christian University
MS, Biology, UC San Diego
BS, Physiology and Neuroscience, UC San Diego

Every step of the way, Lauren is here to support her students at Moon Prep. From brainstorming ideas to sharing insights about medical school, she is passionate about helping students to find their true voice and helping them shine in the admissions process. As a non-traditional medical student herself, she brings experience, feedback, and insight on how to transform challenges and experiences into unique stories. Her mission is to help students explore, understand, and communicate their journey to medicine eloquently and authentically, one paragraph at a time.

Currently, Lauren is a medical student at the Burnett School of Medicine at Texas Christian University, where she serves as a brand ambassador for the class of 2026 and holds officer positions in her local chapter of the Asian Pacific American Medical Student Association and Association of Women Surgeons. Having experienced the traditional medical school application cycle, she is enthusiastic about sharing her insight and knowledge with BS/MD, BS/DO, and traditional medical students through essay writing, editing, and beyond. Having participated in MMI interviews successfully herself, she is experienced in coaching and practicing them with her students. She is experienced working with students from all walks of life, including transfer, international, and non-traditional students, and is committed to their success.

Lauren brings a variety of experiences from her career as a non-traditional medical student. Having started her university studies at the age of 16, she brings a unique perspective to the admissions process and can relate to her high-achieving students at a personal level. Her most relevant professional experiences are career/health professions peer coaching at the undergraduate and graduate level at the University of California, San Diego, biomedical research in academia and industry, and work as a multilingual medical assistant at a federally qualified health center. Her students have gone to top-ranked medical and graduate programs in the U.S. and internationally.