Marcela T

Mentor + Essay Coach

Through careful attention to detail and a personalized approach, Marcela enables her students to articulate their unique stories and aspirations with clarity, coherence, and persuasive depth.

Wichita, Kansas

DO Candidate 2026, Kansas College of Osteopathic Medicine
MBS, Biomedical Sciences, University of the Incarnate Word School of Medicine
MSHS, Healthcare Administration, University of Texas Rio Grande Valley
BA, Medical Humanities, Baylor University 

Marcela’s expertise as both an essay coach and medical mentor enables her to create impactful partnerships with students, empowering them to construct persuasive essays that reflect their individual experiences and authentic motivations for entering the field of medicine. Using her knowledge of various application formats, Marcela equips students with insights into the preferences of admissions committees, guiding them in effectively presenting themselves in a positive and compelling manner. Through Marcela’s mentorship, students develop a profound understanding of what admissions committees look for and gain the necessary skills to showcase their strengths authentically. As a result, she tries to craft narratives with the students that resonate with school admissions, paving the way for their success in the competitive application process.

While being an essay coach and medical mentor, Marcela’s commitment to student success extends beyond her academic pursuits. As a student at Kansas College of Osteopathic Medicine, Marcela actively participates as an interviewer and student ambassador for her school. These roles have granted her insights into the qualities and attributes sought by admissions committees, enabling her to guide students effectively in crafting compelling essays that align with these expectations. Moreover, Marcela’s involvement in the Student Government Association (SGA) underscores her passion for advocating on behalf of her peers, as she strives to help students overcome obstacles and achieve their goals. With her dedication to supporting students, Marcela brings a level of commitment and understanding to her work, empowering aspiring medical professionals to reach their fullest potential and make a lasting impact in their academic and professional pursuits.

With a diverse academic background in medical humanities, healthcare administration, and biomedical science, Marcela possesses a holistic understanding of medicine that fuels her guidance. Her extensive involvement in various healthcare sectors, including her contributions to managing a dental clinic, further enriches her expertise. Marcela’s multifaceted knowledge provides her with a comprehensive outlook on medicine, making her a good resource for individuals interested in different aspects of healthcare and STEM disciplines. Through her combined roles, Marcela ensures that students receive well-rounded support as they navigate their academic, medical, and professional journeys.