Nikola R

Mentor + Essay Coach

Nikola is a dedicated mentor and essay editor who is passionate about guiding students to academic success. With expertise in refining essays and providing personalized advice based on professional experience, she empowers students to excel. Nikola leverages her diverse skills and experiences to help students achieve their goals.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

BSc Business Management – The Open University

With a dedication to guiding students and professionals toward success and personal development, Nikola offers tailored services that promote excellence. As an essay editor specializing in university-level writing, she provides comprehensive guidance to direct medical students to help them refine essays, ensuring clarity, coherence, and academic integrity. She uses her varied experiences to produce interesting and compelling content. Beyond editing, she offers constructive feedback and support to empower clients with the skills and confidence needed to excel in their academic pursuits and beyond.

Outside of Moon Prep, Nikola has extensive experience as an education consultant, providing personalized advice and strategic planning tools to support students throughout the university application process. Drawing upon this experience, she offers invaluable insights to navigate the admissions landscape successfully. Nikola has experience in multiple education systems and admissions into top-ranked universities worldwide. She also provides personalized services for professionals in finance guiding them with interviews, business English and presentation skills.

Before her current education consultancy and essay editing roles, Nikola gained valuable experience in various professional settings. She has over nine years of professional finance experience in London, including roles at BlackRock Asset Management and State Street Asset Management. In addition, she has worked as an English Language Coordinator at an NGO in Rio de Janeiro, coordinating language classes for young adults and children in favelas. In addition, her blog on Medium reached peak reads of over 64,000 with some of her articles. These experiences have honed her analytical skills, client management abilities, understanding and use of pedagogical tools in education, writing skills, and global insights, which she leverages to provide holistic support to students.