Blane O

Video Editor + Passion Projects

Blane is committed to empowering students by providing personalized guidance, constructive feedback, and fostering a collaborative environment to transform their application videos into compelling narratives that authentically showcase their unique qualities and aspirations.

Portland, OR

BS, Media Studies, Ball State University

As a video essay coach at Moon Prep, Blane channels his expertise into refining scripts, offering technical guidance, and nurturing students through the video creation process. Having recently assisted students in the last admissions cycle, he is well-versed in the intricacies of perfecting scripts and providing insights on technical aspects to produce captivating video content. His dedication extends beyond the technicalities; Blane is committed to guiding students on a journey that empowers them to showcase their unique personalities effectively. With a wealth of experience, he remains steadfast in helping individuals harness their storytelling abilities, enhance production quality, and create compelling and distinctive video essays.

Outside of Moon Prep, Blane serves as a versatile professional, wearing the hats of both a skilled videographer and a savvy marketing expert. He specializes in crafting compelling content that seamlessly integrates creative flair with educational elements. His focus behind the lens is capturing moments that resonate authentically with his audience. Beyond his videography, Blane navigates the world of marketing with strategic finesse, propelling brands forward with his insightful approach. What sets him apart is his commitment to infusing educational nuances into his work, creating a unique intersection of creativity and learning.

Previously, Blane served as a videographer in higher education, an experience that has equipped him with a nuanced understanding of the academic process. This experience, coupled with his involvement in crafting narrative short films and documentaries, allows him to use a versatile skill set in translating complex stories into engaging visual content. Now, as a video essay coach, Blane draws on his wealth of experience to guide students effectively. His unique combination of academic insight and storytelling enables him to help students navigate the creative process seamlessly, ensuring their video essays not only showcase their individuality but also align with the educational narratives they aim to convey.