Nathan F

Mentor + Essay Coach

Nathan believes every student possesses the story they need to write compelling essays, and will support them in finding the best stories for their application through intentional and engaged partnership.

Albuquerque, New Mexico

MA, English, University of Northern Colorado
MA, International Relations – Conflict Resolution, University of Denver
BA, English, University of Northern Colorado

Nathan is an essay coach with Moon Prep, dedicated to forming engaged and intentional partnerships with students to support them in finding the right story and approach to their college applications. Nathan believes that every student possesses compelling stories and experiences that will allow them to write excellent college entrance essays. Through his support, students excel at writing about those experiences and sharing their perspectives to gain acceptance into the direct medical programs and universities they are interested in. From brainstorming to submission, Nathan is dedicated to helping students thrive and grow, and gain access into schools where they will be successful.

Nathan works with agencies and organizations providing grant administration, copywriting, editing, and training. The work that Nathan does requires editing, presenting, and writing for a variety of audiences. From working with authors to finalize and polish their novels, to writing grants to fund organizations, to miscellaneous marketing and technical writing, Nathan’s experience showcases writing and editing as crucial skills across multiple fields. They believe anyone can learn the writing skills necessary to write for diverse audiences and enjoy sharing and mentoring others in cross-disciplinary writing approaches.

With over a decade of experience in the nonprofit field, Nathan has worked in a variety of roles and with diverse populations. They have supported projects and secured grant funding for people experiencing homelessness, organizations dismantling the school-to-prison pipeline, and victims of crime. Nathan’s work has included working with refugee survivors of genocide in Guatemala and Denver, Colorado, building restorative discipline for schools and courts in rural southern Colorado, and facilitating dialogues to promote community peace and heal generational wounds in Colorado, India, and Thailand. Nathan has also worked with English Language Learners who are newcomers to the US, as well as in Southeast Asia. Writing has been central to Nathan’s work, as they have experience collaborating with small publishers to provide copy and developmental editing and proofreading to authors to get novels ready for publication.
Additionally, they have experience working with undergrad college students to develop and refine essay writing skills.