Ezeleni H

Mentor + Essay Coach

Ezeleni helps students explore their sense of creativity and guides them as they pour it into their college essays. By helping students share their stories in a strong and profound way, Ezeleni coaches students to leave a lasting impression on college admissions.

New Jersey

MSW, Columbia University School of Social Work
BA, Psychology, State University of New York at Oswego

As an Essay Coach at Moon Prep, Ezeleni brings years of experience working with the student population to prepare for higher education. She has partnered with students and their families to complete essays and build a strong college application profile. Her primary focus is how she can work as a team with families to make the process as fun as possible and show them how to complete a strong application to increase the student’s chances of admission. 

In her role as an essay coach at Moon Prep, Ezeleni helps students articulate their unique stories and experiences in compelling ways. She provides personalized guidance on brainstorming, drafting, and revising BS/MD and traditional school essays, ensuring that each piece reflects the student’s voice and strengths. Ezeleni emphasizes the importance of authenticity and creativity in writing, helping students find their own narrative style. Through her supportive approach, Ezeleni instills confidence in her students, making the essay-writing journey a rewarding and transformative experience.

Ezeleni is a first-generation student who attended SUNY Oswego, where she studied psychology. Upon graduating, she took a year off to figure out what she wanted to do next. She loves advocacy, so it didn’t take her long to apply to and attend a social work program at Columbia University, where she studied social work. With a background in social work, Ezeleni discovered her biggest passion: advocacy. She advocates for the student population while encouraging them to embrace all the skills they can bring to any campus. Her coaching style is the CHEERLEADER! She receives her most joy in cheering students on throughout the entire direct medical and traditional college application process and watching them reach their goals.