Schalk V


Schalk draws inspiration from Joel Arthur Barker’s famous quote “Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes the time. Vision with action can change the world.” and uses it as the foundation of his business philosophy.

Atlanta, Georgia

BCom, Accounting and Economics, Stellenbosch University
LLB, Stellenbosch University

A multi-talented individual with education and experience in both the legal and business sectors, Schalk has a proven track record of starting small and growing exponentially bigger. He is a visionary with a compassionate, charismatic, flexible, independent, and positive personality who seeks to fully comprehend all aspects and implications of an organization’s strategic vision, mission, and values. 

He employs an organized, practical, data-driven approach that results in the effective and efficient implementation and execution of strategic vision across all levels of an organization. As a caring leader with high emotional intelligence and an innate understanding of the modern labor market, Schalk relies on coaching, knowledge transfer, and kindness as key leadership techniques to support highly collaborative and empowered teams.

Schalk is a firm believer that it is only when meticulous strategic planning and deliberate organizational architecture align with sound operational design and an empowered team that an organization can truly be impactful in the way that it desires.