Kaitlynn E

Mentor + Essay Coach

Kaitlynn using her enthusiasm and experience as an editor to create an environment that allows her students to grow and excel as creative and thoughtful writers.

Las Cruces, NM

DO Candidate 2026, Burrell College of Osteopathic Medicine
BS, Medicinal Chemistry and Neuroscience, Syracuse University

By using techniques developed through her experiences as a medical school applicant and her extensive background as a tutor, Kaitlynn takes a unique approach to essay coaching at Moon Prep. Kaitlynn has learned how to tailor her feedback to best fit her student’s needs. Kaitlynn offers the straightforward advice and mentorship needed to create effective and successful essays. During each step of the process, Kaitlynn shows dedication to improving students’ writing capabilities. From the beginning to the end of this journey, Kaitlynn’s main goal is to see her students grow and excel as creative and thoughtful writers.

Currently, Kaitlynn is a DO Candidate at Burrell College of Osteopathic Medicine. Here, she serves in various leadership roles, as well as tutoring other students on campus. Having gone through the medical school application cycle herself, Kaitlynn is well-versed in creating a strong application that captures the attention of admission committees. Her abilities in writing and editing a multitude of essays for herself and others allowed Kaitlynn to strengthen her essay coaching skills throughout her career.

Kaitlynn has experience working as an undergraduate researcher, research analyst, medical scribe, and tutor, strengthening her vocal communication, teamwork, ethical responsibility, and critical thinking skills. She is also devoted to eliminating health disparities that affect minorities and is dedicated to educating others about these disparities, which led her to her role as the Student Government Diversity and Inclusion Chair and to creating a Medical Ethics Newsletter.