BS/MD Admissions Consulting

For high school students committed to a career as a physician, Direct Medical Programs can make the journey to medicine smoother. Also known as BS MD or BS DO programs, these programs mean students will secure a spot in the partnered medical school as long as they meet all the program requirements. 

However, direct medical programs have become increasingly competitive, which means students will have top grades and standardized test scores, as well as a strong resume packed with hands-on opportunities. Each year, students have to continue to push themselves to stand out from the crowd and be one of the lucky few to be accepted into a BS/MD program. 

BS/MD Programs are often more competitive than the Ivy League. Many of these ultra-competitive programs have an acceptance rate of less than 1%. Even Harvard accepted nearly 4% of applicants in the last admissions cycle!

Drexel University’s BA/BS+MD Early Assurance Program accepted just 2.3% of their 2000+ applicants.

Case Western Reserve’s Pre-Professional Scholars Program (PPSP) receives more than 3,500 applicants. Only 20 students were accepted. That’s a 0.04% acceptance rate. Less than even 1% got in!

Even with these low odds, Moon Prep students got accepted into numerous BS MD Programs on their college list.

More than 90% of our students are pursuing BS/MD and BS/DO programs, so we see what a successful applicant looks like. We’ve compiled our expertise into the Moon Prep Blog to bring you the latest news about BS MD Program Admissions and insider tips from our team of specialists.