Medical School Admissions Consulting

Want to become a doctor, but it seems like a far-fetched goal? The prep work to get there can seem overwhelming. From extracurricular activities to internships to community service, it is easy to get confused about which experiences are worthwhile to spend your time on. Year after year, medical school admissions have become more competitive. Not every student will get an acceptance the first cycle they apply. Some students apply numerous times before they finally get into medical school. Some students never get in.

As medical schools admissions receive more applicants with each subsequent year, their standards of selecting life-long learners and those committed to patient care will also continue to rise. With these changing standards and the adoption of holistic application review by more medical schools, it may be difficult to keep up with what it takes to be competitive for allopathic and osteopathic medical admissions.  At Moon Prep, we know what it takes to get accepted. Medical School is our specialty and each counselor on the team works with medical school applicants each admissions cycle. The Moon Prep Blog is bringing you the latest news about medical school admissions and insider tips from our team of specialists.