February Medical Newsletter

By Brandie Erickson February 21, 2024 BS/MD Admissions Consulting Newsletter

As interview season for medical school begins to wind down, we advise students to keep a sharp eye out for decisions from schools. While acceptances are celebrated and rejections may sting, being waitlisted can stir up confusion. Many students can feel stumped on how to convert a waitlist position into an acceptance. Writing a letter of interest or intent can help. Moon Prep counselors can help students craft strong, personalized letters to stand out from the rest of the waitlist pile.

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Navigating the PREview and Casper situational judgement test (SJT) can be confusing. Watch the AAMC’s PREview recorded webinar on their website or the upcoming Casper informational session to learn more. Anyone seeking more personalized support can sign up for Moon Prep’s comprehensive Situational Judgement Test preparation package.


Each year, professional schools like medical school and dental school only get more difficult to get into. Students can amp up their applications with competitive summer programs. Admissions committees will appreciate the academic enrichment and skill development that comes with these programs as well as the devotion of time to scholastic activity. Now is the time to look into summer programs, as many have already had application deadlines pass or are approaching soon. Read Moon Prep’s Forbes article to discover competitive (and free) summer programs for high school students or the seven research-focused virtual summer programs for high school students.

Students set on a pre-medical route naturally tend to gravitate towards science related activities and summer camps, but shouldn’t rule out engaging in other content areas. Business related skills are transferable and can give students an edge over the competition. Building confidence, learning ethics, establishing financial literacy, and developing an entrepreneurial mindset are just a few enviable skills students can learn through business high school summer camps, as outlined in our Forbes article.

A counselor with Moon Prep, Andrea guides her students through the entire admissions process, helping them improve their resumes, explore valuable research opportunities, and craft compelling personal statements that stand out at top-choice programs. As a counselor, she is passionate about leveraging her admissions experience to help students apply to diverse programs across traditional four-year universities, medical-focus programs, and graduate fields of study. Andrea discovered her passion for working with students in higher education early in her career, and has spent the last ten years helping students navigate their paths into college, first year of medical school, and various fields in higher education.

Alongside her mentoring at Moon Prep, Andrea is currently an academic advisor and course director at the Western Michigan University Homer Stryker MD School of Medicine. In this role, she assists the admissions committee with application reviews and interviews; provides individualized academic advising and support to M1 through M4 medical students; advises the administration on didactic curriculum planning; engages with the Medical Student Performance Committee; and fosters mentorship opportunities through the AAMC Career in Medicine assessment. With an inside perspective of university and medical school admissions, she is eager to help aspiring students find the best program fit for them, package a compelling application, and, for medical students, in particular, help them prepare for The Match and Residency.

Andrea currently lives in Michigan with her husband and two rescued beagles, Jake and Jack. In her spare time she enjoys photography, traveling, working on craft projects, and exploring local events in her community.

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Dean of University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health, Robert N. Golden, will be stepping down since he began the position in 2006. Golden’s accomplishments in the role include significantly expanding the Master of Public Health degree program, a redesign of the Doctor of Medicine program, and establishing a preventive medicine residency training program. Golden also prioritized rural medicine in Wisconsin by launching the Wisconsin Academy for Rural Medicine as well as the nation’s first rural track obstetrics and gynecology residency training program. 

The Association of American Medical Colleges reports that in the 2023-2024 academic year the number of medical school applicants declined by 4.7% while the number of matriculants increased by 1.2%. Notably, rates of enrollment increased in underrepresented in medicine racial and ethnic groups. Hispanic matriculants increased 4.5% while Black matriculants declined 0.1%. In 2019, women made up a majority of medical student applicants, matriculants, and enrollees for the first time, and this academic year continues the trend although male matriculants did increase by 1%. First generation college students are also on the rise with a 2.5% increase in matriculants in the last year. A growing number of medical students are over the age of 30, with the oldest at 62 years. 

Yeshiva University breaks records as their graduates attain admission to medical school at a percentage of two times the national average. Nationally, admissions rates for medical school averages out to around 45%. Yeshiva College, an all-male student body, boasts a rate of 86% medical school admissions, while Stern College for Women achieved an impressive 97% admission rate.

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