December Admissions News

By Brandie Erickson December 13, 2023 BS/MD Admissions Consulting Newsletter

After wrapping up the UC deadline and December 1 direct medical applications, like St. Louis University, the seniors at Moon Prep are now preparing for Regular Decision and ED II deadlines. This past month welcomed the first round of BS/MD and BS/DO acceptances with Caldwell University, Seton Hall University, LECOM, and Toledo University. These first acceptances also accompany the first round of rejections, namely from UPitt and  Penn State’s direct medical program, offering the chance for students to readjust their college list as they look toward deadlines in January. 

If you would like an expert application review from our counselors to give you an idea of what worked and what may have gone wrong for these early rejections to shift the tide in your favor, contact Moon Prep to take advantage of our BS/MD admissions experts. This is the last opportunity to refine your application and supplemental essays with the assistance of expert essay guidance before the Regular Decision deadlines in January!

Contact us today for a free consultation to see how we can help your student succeed in their college acceptances.

December Direct Medical Program deadlines and beyond:

  • Brooklyn College City University of New York: 12/8
  • Washington & Jefferson College: 12/10 (Medical Scholars)
  • Hofstra University: 12/15 
  • Montclair State University: 12/15 
  • Seton Hall: 12/15 
  • Sophie Davis Biomedical Education Program: 12/30
  • Brown University: 1/3
  • Mercer University: 1/12
  • University of Oklahoma: 1/15
  • The University of Tulsa: 1/15
  • University of Arizona: 1/18

*Deadlines are subject to change; Confirm all program deadlines directly on the program’s website.

Rising Researchers – NEW Winter Session

Last call to add a valuable winter break research opportunity! As winter break approaches, make the most of your time by getting involved in research. Rising Researchers offers the perfect opportunity for students to get exposed to scientific literature and complete the course with a publication and poster presentation. Gain valuable research experience in only 4 weeks while working alongside peers in a small class cohort under the guidance of a research mentor.

Schedule: 4 weeks long – meeting twice a week

Dates: Every Tues/Fri (12/19-1/12), 7:00p – 8:30p ET/4:00p – 5:30p PT

Research Topic: Social determinants of health in cardiovascular disease. An intersection between how public health impacts medicine.

Cost: $3200

Register online or schedule a call to learn more.


Brown PLME Video Supplement 

The PLME program at Brown University is arguably one of the most popular programs with the students at Moon Prep. It is also one of the most selective. Brown PLME is the only Ivy League direct medical program. It also is one of the top three most competitive BS/MD programs, with an acceptance rate below 5% every year. Thankfully, we’ve done the research and are prepared to help make your Brown University application stand out from the rest. We are offering the opportunity to work with Moon Prep on your two-minute Brown admissions video to leave a lasting impression on the admissions committee, guiding students from the first script draft to the video editing.


Casper Test Prep

If Hofstra, Drexel, or Texas Tech are on your college list for BS/MDs, this section is for you! These BS/MD programs require the Casper test, a situational judgment test, and the next test date is December 7. The test can only be taken one time per cycle, and the test has undergone significant changes for this admissions cycle. It is more important than ever to prepare properly. 

Just a reminder, the Casper test requirement for Drexel University is in place only if the student receives an interview.

Thankfully, the Moon Prep mentors are available to work with students to help prepare them for the Casper exam. View the syllabus here. Sign up for a free consultation to learn more about our Casper package to help you prepare for the test. 

Did you know you can listen to BS/MD advice while you drive to work? We not only release videos on our YouTube channel, but we’ve also launched a podcast called The White Coat Club.


Notification Dates

For BS/MD applications, it is more important than almost any other part of the process to check your portals at each school and your email inbox (especially your Spam folder!). Many direct medical programs have secondary applications, additional materials required and interview requests that are dispersed through the student portals. Make sure you are checking every day to stay informed of every important announcement!

College decision notification dates can be as nerve-wracking as the deadlines themselves for students. Knowing these notification dates in advance can prepare you for the potential stress of a rejection or acceptance. In our latest Forbes article, 2023-24 Notification Dates For Early Decision, Early Action And BS/MD Programs, we list out known notification dates for this admissions cycle. 


Interview Season Begins

Along with polishing essays for Regular Decision applications, the seniors at Moon Prep are also beginning to receive interview invitations, some even flying across the country to interview in-person. Many of our seniors are deep into preparation for these interviews at this point in the cycle. Between alumni interviews, Honors College interviews, and BS/MD interview invitations, “interview season” has fully arrived. If interviews have you worried, schedule a free call with Moon Prep to see how we can help you prepare for both traditional and MMI interviews. There is no need to walk into any interview unprepared. View our Interview Syllabus and webpage to learn more. 

Our expert counselors released their top tips for direct medical interviews on the most recent episode of the White Coat Club, Preparing For Your BS/MD Interviews. Listen in for our guidance over in-person interviews vs. virtual, and the best practice strategies. You can subscribe on Spotify, Amazon or Apple 


ED II and RD Deadlines 

Whether you’ve heard disappointing news from your Early Decision school or you decided to forego the binding contract, chances are that you are hard at work on the Regular Decision deadlines. These deadlines begin in early January, with many schools due that first week. This round of applications is where the colleges receive the majority of their applications, and the competition only gets more fierce each year. Our latest article on Forbes dives into everything you need to know about this Regular Decision pool, including deadlines. Regular Decision Deadlines For Top Universities In 2023-24.  

Did you miss out on full application support from Moon Prep? Feeling some regret you didn’t have an expert to guide you through the EA and ED applications? Maybe your applications were not as strong as they could have been? It’s not too late to still get that acceptance! Moon Prep offers customized support and packages. Spots are limited. Schedule a call now to get started.

College Application Number Updates:

The University of North Carolina is the perfect demonstration of how competitive college admissions is becoming: receiving 43,879 applications this year under their Early Action deadline. This is a 13.6% increase over last year’s numbers.

Brooklyn College City University of New York’s BA/MD deadline needs some decoding – only the Macaulay Honors College deadline was in November, while the BA/MD Program is due December 7, 2023. There is a grace period until December 15th for any letters of recommendation and other materials to be submitted. 

NJIT has begun their interview invitations. Toledo, Seton Hall, and Caldwell have notified accepted students. Penn State’s direct medical program has been releasing early rejections. 

For Nova Southeastern’s BS/DO program, students will be invited to Shark Preview Weekends after applying, beginning in January.


FAFSA in December

With the FAFSA pushed back by two months this year, families have had more time than ever to gather documents and prepare to submit the financial aid form. Our advice? The FAFSA is not a task to procrastinate; you have the best chance of obtaining the maximum amount of funds by submitting it early. The redesigned and streamlined FAFSA form will be available by Dec. 31There are many tools and tutorials available on the FSA website to prepare for the submission of this form.

December financial advice: With your first college acceptance letters comes sticker shock at the tuition price to attend that dream school. Fill out the FAFSA and CSS Profile for your best chance at on-campus aid. 

Want more tips like this? Sign up for our free Scholarships and Financial Aid Crash Course.

Science Ambassador Scholarship due December 13                                                    1 full-tuition award

This award was designed specifically for women and non-binary individuals in STEM! Applicants must film a three–minute lecture–style video of themselves describing a STEM topic they are passionate about. Apply here.


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