BS/MD Admission Decisions Release Dates

By Brandie Erickson December 5, 2023 BS/MD Admissions Consulting College Application Press

Now that you have applied to BS/MD programs, you might wonder when you will get your results. Interview and admissions decision release dates will vary from program to program, and you’ll often be notified by email. Pay attention to your email (including spam!) to ensure you don’t miss any important notifications. 

Here are the BS/MD interview notifications and release dates: 

Augusta University: Admissions decisions released on April 1

Baylor University: Interview notifications sent in January or February. Admissions decisions released by March

Brown University: Early decision applicants are notified by Mid-December, Regular Decision applicants are notified by early April 

Drew University: Admissions decisions released in April

Drexel University: Interview notifications sent end of January

Indiana University – Evansville: Interview notifications sent by November 17, 2023. Admissions decisions are released by December 22, 2023

Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine: Interview notifications sent out on a rolling basis

Mercer University: Notified by the end of January of interviews, which are held in February. Students are notified by mid-March of admissions decisions

Nova Southeastern University: Interview notifications sent out on a rolling basis, starting in October. Admissions decisions are released 2-3 weeks after the interview

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI): Admissions decisions released in early April

Rutgers University-Newark: Admissions decisions released in April

Saint Louis University: Admissions decisions released in March

Seton Hall University: Rolling

Sophie Davis Biomedical Education: Admissions decisions released by April 1

St. Bonaventure University: Admissions decisions released in mid-late March

Stony Brook University: Admissions decisions released by April 1

Texas Tech University: Interview notifications are sent by February. Admissions decisions released by April

The College of New Jersey: Admissions decisions released in April

Tulane University: Admissions released by April 1

University of Alabama – Birmingham: Interview notifications sent by February 15, 2024. Admissions decisions released by Mid-March

University of Arizona: Acceptances sent out in April

University of Colorado-Denver: Interviews are in early December; find out after 2-3 weeks

University of Illinois at Chicago: Admissions decisions released by April 1

University of Missouri-Kansas City: Interview notifications sent at the end of January. Admissions decisions released by April 1

University of Pittsburgh: Notified if moving forward to medical school in December

University of Rochester: Interview notifications sent in January. Admissions decisions released by April

University of South Alabama: Notified in early February, with interviews taking place in March.

University of Toledo: Decision letters are sent out 1-2 weeks after university acceptance

Virginia Commonwealth University: Interview notifications sent out end of January

Wayne State University: Interview notifications sent at the end of January. Successful applicants are notified within 2-3 weeks