January Admissions News

By Brandie Erickson January 10, 2024 BS/MD Admissions Consulting Newsletter

With Regular Decision deadlines in January, the past week has been the second-busiest time in the application cycle! If you have a senior in your house with January deadlines, we know exactly how busy your holiday break has been. For the rest of the month, students will be hearing their Early Decision I and Early Action admissions results, and receiving the bulk of the direct medical interview invitations. 

We help students with traditional undergraduate college applications alongside our direct medical specialty. If you know a senior who has received disappointing admissions news, the Moon Prep counselors are here to help with an application review to identify any opportunities for adjustment for their remaining deadlines or to help craft a letter of continued interest to help your chances to get off the wait list.

Contact us today for a free consultation to see how we can help your student succeed in their remaining college acceptances.

January Direct Medical Program deadlines and beyond:

  • Mercer University: 1/12
  • University of Oklahoma: 1/15
  • The University of Tulsa: 1/15
  • University of Arizona: 1/18
  • University of South Carolina: 2/1

*Deadlines are subject to change; Confirm all program deadlines directly on the program’s website. 

Casper Test Prep

This is the last call for Casper test prep, with the final Casper testing date in January for Hofstra’s BS/MD program. This situational judgment test can only be taken once per cycle, and the test has undergone significant changes for this admissions cycle, so it is more important than ever to prepare properly. 

Just a reminder, the Casper test requirement for Drexel University is in place only if the student receives an interview.

Thankfully, the Moon Prep mentors are available to work with students to help prepare them for the Casper exam. View the syllabus here. Sign up for a complimentary consultation to learn more about our Casper package to help you prepare for the test. 

Did you know you can listen to BS/MD advice while you drive to work? We not only release videos on our YouTube channel, but we’ve also launched a podcast called The White Coat Club.


Summer Program Applications

January is not only about the seniors at Moon Prep. January is also when deadlines begin for applications for competitive summer research programs. Our current high school students are hard at work collecting recommendation letters, writing resumes, and outlining essays for these early deadlines. There are so many summer programs being advertised, that it can feel impossible to decipher the programs with the most return on investment. Thankfully, our latest podcast episode, All About Summer Programs, covers everything you need to know about searching for the right summer programs. 


College Portals

It may sound strange, but one of the most important parts of college applications sounds too simple to be true: checking your email. For BS/MD applications, the portals at each school and your email inbox (especially your Spam folder!) become essential due to additional requirement materials. These portals will have secondary applications, additional required materials and interview requests even after you click Submit. There is more than just the application! Make sure you check daily to never miss an interview invitation or announcement!

In our latest Forbes article, 2023-24 Notification Dates For Early Decision, Early Action And BS/MD Programs, we list out known notification dates for this admissions cycle. 


Interview Season

NJIT, Baylor University, Stevens Institute of Technology, and Albany Medical College-paired schools have begun their interview invitations. St. Louis University, Toledo, Seton Hall, and Caldwell have notified accepted students. Penn State, Siena, and TCNJ’s direct medical programs have begun releasing early rejections. 

Many of our seniors are deep into preparation for these interviews at this point in the cycle. Between alumni interviews, Honors College interviews, and BS/MD interview invitations, “interview season” has fully arrived. Schedule a free call with Moon Prep to see how we can help you prepare for both traditional and MMI interviews. View our Interview Syllabus and webpage to learn more. 

Our expert counselors released their top tips for direct medical interviews on the most recent episode of the White Coat Club, Preparing For Your BS/MD Interviews. Listen in for our guidance over in-person interviews vs. virtual, and the best practice strategies. You can subscribe on Spotify, Amazon or Apple!


Even beyond our podcast advice, you are invited to watch our recent YouTube video release, How To Ace Every Single BS/MD Interview. Moon Prep counselors Grant and Darlene cover every topic you’ll encounter in direct medical interviews: etiquette, questions to ask, and how to answer high-yield questions. Learn from the experts how to generate meaningful answers to questions like Why Us, Why Medicine, and how to effectively introduce yourself at the beginning.

College Application Number Updates:

Dartmouth had an acceptance rate of 17% of Early Decision applicants, and an 18% increase in ED applications, for a total of 3,550. 

MIT received 2,563 early applications, accepting 661 and deferring 8,052.

Rice admitted 442 Early Decision applicants out of the 2,886 total Early Decision applicant pool.

Brown University admitted 898 from a pool of 6,244 Early Decision applicants. 

Boston University accepted 1,300 applicants out of the 3,832 early decision applicants, for an admit rate of 34.1% and an overall increase of 4.8% in early decision applications. 

UVA accepted 1,133 out of 4,465 early applicants, increasing from 1,040 out of 4,243 from last year. 

Duke experienced a 30% increase in applications and accepted 12.9% of applicants, or 806 out of 6,240 applications.

Harvard accepted 692 out of a total pool of 7,921, or 8.74% of Early Applicants.  

Yale admitted 709 of 7,856 early action applicants, 9.02% of applicants. 

Emory accepted 865 out of 2,704 Early Decision I applicants and 85 QuestBridge students. 

Williams College accepted 249 out of 1068 early applicants for a 23% acceptance rate. 

Florida State University received 22,000 student applications for Early Action, with 8,700 admitted, 7,000 deferred to the Regular Decision pool and 6,300 denied. This is an 8% increase in total applications and a 28% increase in EA applications. 

For Nova Southeastern’s BS/DO program, students who have applied will be invited to Shark Preview Weekends beginning in January.


Filling Out FAFSA

If you are marking “Yes” on your applications to the question about whether you want to be considered for financial aid, this means you need to complete the FAFSA. Utilize the tools and tutorials available on the FSA website to prepare for the submission of this form. You have the best chance of obtaining the maximum amount of funds by submitting it early. The redesigned and streamlined FAFSA form is now available, but only during short windows during the soft launch of the new form. 

January financial advice: The FAFSA is open! Don’t settle for the sticker price at your dream college. Fill out the FAFSA and CSS Profile for your best chance at on-campus need-based aid. 

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Joy Cappel Scholarship due January 20                                                                        2 awards of $2,500

This award is perfect for our BS/MD students – Applicants must be intending to be a Life Sciences major and the scholarship prefers to award applicants with solid research experiences. Applicants are chosen from their responses to a video answering the prompt:  “What do you consider to be the most important scientific breakthrough?       Apply here.


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