Med School Applications Soaring

By Michaela August 21, 2020 Medical School Admissions Consulting Press

Medical school applications have increased this year, and the pandemic is a major reason for the increase. Many applicants have been inspired to the field of medicine because of our healthcare heroes.

Moon Prep founder Kristen was quoted in an article in MedPage Today, discussing her take on the affect COVID-19 has made on medical school admissions, saying:

“Some schools’ decisions to waive or minimize the importance of the MCAT is also a factor, said Kristen Moon, who runs the consultancy Moon Prep. It has induced applicants to apply to more reach schools. “I think it gave some students hope,” Moon said. “They are saying, ‘let’s just try, let’s just apply.'”

But with COVID-19 not going anywhere, Moon is confident it will last for the duration of this cycle at least. “I don’t see much changing this year for sure,” she said.”

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