Free Crash Course – Tackling The Personal Statement

By Michaela August 23, 2020 College Application

For a limited time, we have created an essay crash course just for students looking to write their Personal Statement before the school year gets busy. The best part of all – it’s FREE! And it begins August 24th. 

8 Day Course – How To Write An Effective Personal Statement. Writing the personal statement—and even just brainstorming a topic—can be a struggle for high school students. We created this video course that has everything you need to know to write a Rockstar personal statement. Intended for rising seniors, this course covers how to brainstorm a topic, tips for making your writing more vibrant, and examples of essays that have worked.

What’s Included?

Day 1: What Is The Purpose Of The Personal Statement?

  • The pieces of the application
  • How important the essay is
  • Bringing your application alive

Day 2: Brainstorming Techniques

  • 15+ brainstorming questions
  • Making your essay about you
  • Using imagery in your writing

Day 3: How To Open Your Personal Statement

  • Brainstorming techniques to be unique
  • Examples of our favorite opening paragraphs and why they worked

Day 4: Writing The Body Of Your Personal Statement And Real-World Examples

  • Showing accomplishments without bragging
  • Showing, not telling
  • Dissection of a real essay and why it works

Day 5: Writing The Conclusion And Real-World Examples

  • How to end your essay powerfully
  • Mistakes to avoid
  • 3+ ways to end your essay
  • Dissection of a real essay and why it works

Day 6: How To Edit And Revise Your Personal Statement

  • Techniques for unique writing
  • Cutting out the fluff
  • Dissection of a real essay and why it works

Day 7: How To Bring Your Personal Statement To Life

  • Strengthening your word choice
  • Techniques for making your writing more vibrant
  • Dissection of a real essay and why it works

Day 8: Common Grammar Mistakes And Real-World Examples

  • Grammar mistakes to avoid
  • Making your writing stronger
  • Dissection of a real essay and why it works

Bonus: College Essay Blueprint eBook

  • 58-pages full of advice, techniques, and examples to help you with your essay writing journey.

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