Pros and Cons of Taking a Gap Year

By Michaela August 19, 2020 College Application Gap Year Press Summer Plans

What are all the pros and cons of a gap year?

For graduating seniors and juniors alike, COVID-19 has upended every plan for college. Incoming freshmen are opting to accept last-minute offers from in-state universities to live at home or are frustrated with the lack of tuition discounts when faced with a year of online-only classes. Rising seniors are recalculating their own college lists in light of delayed standardized testing dates and finding creative ways to add virtual extracurriculars to their Activities list. 

For many students, the idea to pursue an entirely different avenue has become appealing.  Historically, a gap year has traditionally been an option for students who want to pursue an enriching experience before college, like a service trip or an internship opportunity. But what will this mean for the matriculating freshman year, and how are gap years viewed by the colleges on your college list? 

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