Seven Ways 9th And 10th-Graders Can Use The Coalition To Get A Head Start On College

By Michaela October 27, 2020 College Application Covid-19 Online Courses Press Summer Plans

Preparation for college admissions is beginning earlier than ever. Since it is never too early to plan for college, there are some great resources to utilize to get a head start. 

With the Coalition Locker feature on the Coalition for College application, students can save information that will be helpful when they are applying to colleges their senior year. The Locker allows you to upload any material that you might want to refer to when you are applying to colleges, like a cloud storage system. Through the Locker, you can share documents like essay drafts, academic records, written work and multimedia projects with a mentor for feedback, without letting colleges view these materials until you choose to attach them to your application later. 

But that’s not the only useful tool to be found on your MyCoalition account. Read Kristen Moon’s article on Forbes for all the ways to use this resource to get a head start on your college admissions timeline.