Quoted: It’s Not Too Late To Have Meaningful Gap Year

By Michaela November 6, 2020 College Application Deferral Press Summer Plans

Students are still facing a drastically-altered landscape of college admissions due to the pandemic, leaving many students searching for alternatives to the traditional college path. One of these alternatives has been rapidly increasing in popularity: the gap year. Deferring admission for a year sounds like a fantastic plan right now to many students, and who can blame them? However, depending on the colleges you are interested in, gap years can be notoriously tricky to navigate. 

Moon Prep counselor Michaela shared her suggestions for pursuing a gap year with Your Teen Magazine:

“When selecting a job, students should remain focused on their future educational goal, recommends Michaela Schieffer, an independent college counselor with MoonPrep.com.

‘Make every step during your gap year count towards the big picture,’ Schieffer says. ‘This is the time to land an internship in your intended industry, to add professional experience to the resume before graduating, or to gain perspective before entering college.’

Her advice on how to get that coveted experience? Go after what you want.

‘Send emails to companies in your intended field to ask about unposted internship opportunities,’ says Schieffer. ‘It never hurts to ask. Connect with industry professionals on LinkedIn and set up an Indeed email alert for remote opportunities.’”

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