How To Land Your Dream Internship

By Michaela October 23, 2020 College Application Press Summer Plans

Whether you’re in high school preparing for college application or in college preparing to enter the workforce, you’re likely wondering how to be a standout applicant as you approach the next level in life.

In a world where more people are achieving degrees, it’s no longer enough to graduate with a degree in your field. Students in high school and currently enrolled in college alike should recognize the importance of adding industry experience to your resume through an internship. An internship shows colleges and future employers that you are prepared to enter this field and are confident in your career choice. 

Since we already know that internships are the best way to demonstrate to that dream school or employer that you are committed to the field, we need to locate the perfect internship first. Read all of Michaela’s tips on tracking down the right internship in her article on