How Business Majors Can Stay Sharp This Summer

By Michaela August 11, 2021 College Application Online Courses Press

If you are heading toward a major in business, there are many ways to boost your resume over the summer. In fact, maximizing your summer is one of the most valuable tools you can employ in your college admissions process. Students who dedicate time to learning a new skill, gaining hands-on experience, or building relationships have the opportunity to learn more about their future field, especially in entrepreneurship.

If you are looking to enter this competitive field, here is our advice on how business majors can stay sharp during the summer and practice their skills.

1. Take A MOOC Course

Free online courses can be a low-risk way for students to get their feet wet in a certain field. Many of the Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) courses on sites like Coursera or edX are taught by prestigious companies or universities like Harvard University, University of Pennsylvania, or Duke University. Courses like “Business Strategy” or “Use Canva to Create Social Media Marketing Designs” can help students reaffirm that business is the right career path for them.

Another course students might want to consider is the “Google Project Management: Professional Certificate” offered by Google. It’s ideal for students who want to get some experience in project management and offers more than 140 hours of instruction and lots of practice-based scenarios so students can start to understand the field better.

Once you have completed the MOOC, make sure to update your LinkedIn, resume, and college application to showcase your new skills and commitment to your career. With hundreds of classes available, students will never run out of something new to learn.

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