Top Insights Into The College of New Jersey’s 7-Year Medical Program

By Michaela August 18, 2021 BS/MD Admissions Consulting College Search Press Q&A - Admission Insights

At Moon Prep, we spend our time outside of meeting with students researching and interviewing the Admissions Directors of the direct medical programs we focus on. Specifically, we know that the BS/MD programs in New York and New Jersey can feel tricky to navigate, even for in-state students. That’s where our knowledge and dedication to staying up-to-date on their nuances can be so beneficial in this process. 

Moon Prep sat down with , professor and co-director of the 7-Year Medical Program at the College of New Jersey. The full interview is available to be viewed , which covers the details of the admission process and how students can be competitive BS/MD candidates, even following the pandemic.

For all of the highlights from that interview, read our article on Forbes.