Seven Reasons Entrepreneurship May Be The Missing Puzzle Piece To A Successful College Application

By Michaela August 5, 2021 College Application Press Summer Plans

These days, it’s not just enough to have good grades and test scores to gain admission to the top colleges in the country. These schools are looking for a “wow factor” that often cannot be found within the walls of a high school. In recent years, students have been turning to unconventional measures to add exciting content to their resume, and allowing their resume to showcase skills learned during uncommon extracurriculars. One of the best ways to stand out in the admissions stack is to pursue entrepreneurship. This field has gained popularity with the rise of start-ups, and colleges are taking notice of students pursuing this field at young ages. There are even virtual entrepreneurship programs like Beta Bowl to help guide students in the right direction when launching a company or product. 

Ultimately, adding entrepreneurship to your resume could be exciting element needed to get an acceptance letter from your top college. Read all the benefits in our article on Forbes