Service Awards For Students Making An Impact

By Brandie Erickson February 10, 2023 BS/MD Admissions Consulting Press

Many high-achieving students often have high GPAs, are actively involved in serving giving back to their community and have multiple leadership positions.

However, they might not realize that all the work and service they have done over the years isn’t just helping them develop skills and build their resume; it could also help them earn scholarships and awards. 

Here at Moon Prep we strive to help students stand out. One way to do that is through a wide variety of different service and community action awards are available to students that can help them stand out from the crowd when applying to colleges while also earning money to pay for their education. These scholarships and awards often have strict criteria and deadlines, so verify all information before applying.

Examples of awards are:  Americorps Vista, President’s Volunteer Service Award, Bonner Scholars Program, State Farm Good Neighbor Scholarship and many more.


President’s Volunteer Service Award

The President’s Volunteer Service Award recognizes individuals and groups who have contributed a certain number of hours to the community through service over a 12-month period. The award was created to honor individuals involved in service and inspire others to engage in their communities.


State Farm Good Neighbor Scholarship

These scholarships are for high school seniors with a GPA between 2.5 and 3.2 and who are leaders and volunteers in their communities. There are fifty awards of $5,000 each. The deadline is typically March 31.


You can see the full list and details about each scholarship on our Forbes article!