Mini Medical Programs For High School Students

By Brandie Erickson February 13, 2023 BS/MD Admissions Consulting Press

Growing up, many children dream of becoming doctors. As they get older, start taking more advanced science courses, and get exposed to other careers, that dream might change for some. However, for others, that desire never goes away. Those students might start to volunteer in hospitals or shadow physicians. However, a great first step can be to attend mini medical schools.

Why Early Exposure To Medicine Is Important

Providing exposure to medicine when a teenager is young helps them understand the role they can play in the future as a physician. The road to becoming a doctor is long and has many hurdles, so a student must have a strong understanding of the physician’s role. A student’s interest can deepen and grow by attending a mini medical camp, volunteering in clinical settings, or shadowing physicians.

This is especially important for students applying to direct medical programs. Offered by a select few universities, direct medical programs (BS/MD or BS/DO) allow students to apply to medical school while they are still in high school. Once accepted to the program, students must maintain a certain GPA and meet other requirements to secure their guaranteed spot in the partnered medical school.

Because students are committing to the healthcare field at such a young age, they should be confident that this is the right career for them. In an interview given to Moon Prep, the admissions counselors at Suny Polytechnic Institute’s Accelerated Scholars Program stated that they are looking for students who are “interested in the intellectual side of medicine” and have demonstrated that in their activities. Mini medical camps can be a great starting point for high school students to get that early exposure to medicine.

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