10 Tech-Focused Summer Programs For High School Students

By Brandie Erickson February 20, 2023 BS/MD Admissions Consulting College Application Press Summer Plans

It may not seem like computer science and healthcare are connected; however, these two fields have more in common than you might think. Computer science has become a popular major choice for high school students, no matter what area they are interested in. Students interested in joining the medical field can use their skills to revolutionize the healthcare field. 

Nicole Gress, a counselor at Moon Prep and instructor at Rising Researchers, a data-driven research program, has seen how medicine and computer science can be intertwined. Computer software and data analysis allow physicians and researchers to analyze health information, potentially increasing patients’ quality of care. Learning Python and R can be useful for medical research and can be applied to a multitude of projects

While in high school, aspiring tech-focused computer science majors should consider AP Computer Science, an AP math class, and, if your school offers it, AP Physics. Students might also consider joining clubs like Robotics or a coding club to experience coding outside the classroom.

However, students should use their summers productively by pursuing hands-on summer learning opportunities that allow students to apply their knowledge while learning from industry professionals. Taking advantage of summer programs can help prepare students for success and lay a strong foundation for future course work.

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