10 Innovated Business Summer Programs For High School Students

By Brandie Erickson January 30, 2023 BS/MD Admissions Consulting Press

No matter what field you are interested in joining in the future, having a strong business foundation can prove valuable. Leadership, strategic thinking, problem-solving and networking skills are all learned during business summer camp, which can all be useful in a variety of different professions.

According to Lindsey Conger, a counselor at Moon Prep, even students interested in competitive direct medical programs (BS/MD) can benefit from gaining experience in the business field. “Some BS/MD programs allow for flexibility of major, and students can choose to study business, even if they are planning on pursuing medical school.” Many physicians, she explains, will need to manage a practice, and these types of summer programs can help a student gain a strong foundation in business. For example, during a business summer program, pre-med students can master analytical thinking and independent research, which can be used to build a successful practice in the future.

For aspiring business students in high school, the secret to success can be to start early and fill their summers with hands-on activities like internships and summer programs. These types of opportunities are an ideal way to apply their knowledge while gaining relevant experience. Here are a few programs students should consider if they are interested in joining the business field.

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