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By Brandie Erickson January 25, 2023 BS/MD Admissions Consulting Newsletter

Happy New Year from Moon Prep! Along with finalizing applications for regular and rolling deadlines in January, interview prep often consumes most of the month. This is the final crucial step to showcase their dedication to the medical field, after crafting strong applications and essays to get them this far. If you (or a student in your house!) have an upcoming BS/MD or BS/DO interview, we are available to help with this essential final step. The Moon Prep team is skilled to assist students through the interview process, including traditional and MMI interviews. Interview space is limited, so schedule a call today to get started early and be well-prepared. Many of our students are receiving very tight deadlines for these interviews, some with barely a week to prepare!

Our younger students also have a busy start to their second semesters, scheduling their summer planning meetings and beginning their applications for prestigious summer research programs. January is one of the most popular times for underclassmen to sign up to work with a Moon Prep counselor, as summer planning is such an essential step in ensuring students have a solid resume for the application process. If you want our expert advice on maximizing your upcoming summer plans for your resume, schedule a call to get started today.  

Space is limited, so schedule a call today to get started over the winter break.


News, Dates, and Deadlines

– Florida Institute of Technology will be announcing a partnership with Burrell College of Osteopathic Medicine in the near future. 

– The American Association of Colleges of Osteopathic Medicine will host the 2023 Educating Leaders conference in Baltimore. Learn more here.


Interview Season!

The Moon Prep seniors started their new year with mock interviews for top colleges like Duke University, and BS/MD and BS/DO programs. Most students have reported feeling shocked at the amount of preparation required to showcase their abilities “off the page.” The truth is, the questions you will be asked in a direct medical interview require a different approach than traditional college interviews, especially if they have a completely different format, like MMI interviews. Whether it is a traditional direct medical interview or a station-based MMI interview, make sure you are prepared! A good place to start is our BS/MD Interview Guide and our book: Moon Prep’s Guide to MMI. Thankfully, our team is available to help you prepare. Most students will need multiple sessions before they feel confident entering the interview, so we recommend starting early – don’t wait until the last minute on this final crucial step. You deserve to give yourself the best chance for success! Schedule a free call today to sign up before we reach capacity for interview prep.


Diversity Data of Medical Schools

On November 10, the Association of American Medical Colleges released The Power of Collective Action: Assessing and Advancing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Efforts at AAMC Medical Schools. This is the first-ever deep analysis into diversity and inclusion within medical schools, and the findings are ground-breaking. While application and interview rates have steadied, application numbers for every minority group increased while application numbers for Caucasians experienced a decline. Matriculation numbers followed a similar pattern of percentages, so this was not a case of students applying with no intention of attending. This is a fascinating shift to examine the effects of the pandemic on medical school admissions. Review all of the numbers and percentages for each applicant group on the AAMC website.


Late Deadlines

Many students are still re-evaluating their college lists after receiving some of the decisions that have already been released. As we approach additional Early Decision release dates, it is important to know it is not too late to apply to a direct medical program. Albion College, and the University of Toledo all have BS/MD deadlines still ahead. For BS/DO programs, there are even more options stretching into February, such as multiple SUNY colleges, Michigan State, and Nova Southeastern University. If you are considering a shift in your college list plan, there are Moon Prep counselors available to help with a complete application review, interview prep and assist with these direct medical programs, along with any other school on your list.  

Here are 26 Programs With Late Deadlines


Medical School Admissions Rates

Since the beginning of the pandemic, medical school applications in the U.S. have skyrocketed, leaving admission rates at historically low numbers. In fact, in the first year of the pandemic, we saw a 17.8% jump in medical school applicants, leaving just 38% of applicants receiving an acceptance letter last year. The good news for anyone affected by these application number spikes, is that admissions and interview numbers are returning to pre-pandemic numbers, according to research by the Association of American Medical Colleges. If you have experienced disappointment in the past, it may be time to try again!


Pathways to Medicine

Most of our students come to us seeking assistance in applying to direct medical programs, or BS/MD-BS/DO programs. However, there are other pathways beyond this direct route to consider. The Accelerated Pathway to Medical Education at the University of Arizona has been a staple on our BS/MD list, but now there is another early pathway program in the state of Arizona. Arizona State University has announced that they will be offering an Early Assurance program for current ASU students. Early Assurance programs are another way students can secure a seat in medical school early. In an Early Assurance program, students attend the school while pursuing a traditional Bachelor’s degree and apply to the partnered college of medicine a few years early. This eliminates the issue of the college receiving applications for students who only want to attend because of the direct medical program. Next year, ASU may be on many of our students’ college lists, for this early pathway to medicine.


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