SAT and FAFSA Breaking News!

By Michaela January 21, 2021 College Application Scholarships and Financial Aid Standardized Tests

Here at Moon Prep, we want to make sure our students hear about the biggest news-worthy items in the admissions world as soon as possible. We especially want to share breaking news that directly affects how our underclassmen may be preparing for their college application cycle, and both of these news events fit that bill. 

First and foremost, the SAT just announced that they will be dropping the essay portion and the SAT subject tests, effective immediately. This is massive news from the College Board, the organization that runs the SATs. In their statement, the College Board stated that they feel that the AP exams have overshadowed the need for the Subject tests, which will now place more of an emphasis on pursuing AP classes in high school. If you are currently registered for a subject test, they will be issuing refunds. 
Read the full story on the College Board website. 
The Expected Family Contribution (EFC) index is being discontinued, allowing more families to receive college funding from federal Pell grants. This calculation came from financial information entered on the FAFSA form, which then estimated the family’s anticipated ability to cover the costs of college. The EFC was also the main reason behind many students choosing to skip submitting the FAFSA, so with the removal of the EFC, we will likely see a dramatic increase in FAFSA submissions. 
Read the full story on the NY Times website.  
As always, we will continue to keep our families informed of further breaking admissions news.