How Students Can Prepare This Summer For Fall College Applications

By Michaela May 16, 2022 College Application Online Courses Press Standardized Tests Summer Plans

The summer before senior year is a crucial time to build momentum toward your college plans. No matter what your college goals are, the summer months are the perfect time to show colleges that you are driven and ready for the rigor of college. How can you accomplish this? By adding something new to your resume. 

A new resume item can be an online course, a certification in a new skill, launching a business, or even a bump in your standardized test score. Some things that can help this summer are:

1. Khan Academy

Khan Academy offers daily schedules for students ages 4-18. The free website also has courses in math, physics, U.S. history, grammar, economics and biology. High school sophomores and juniors can also find free SAT practice questions and tests. Even though the upcoming SAT administrations have been canceled or postponed, students still might want to prepare for this important exam.

2. edX

Even though your classes and extracurricular activities have been canceled, it doesn’t mean you should stop learning. EdX is an online platform that offers more than 2,500 courses online for free. Taking an online course is a great way to boost your resume and prove to colleges you can handle challenging material. Take this time to learn a new skill or explore a possible major from institutions like MIT, Harvard, University of California-Berkeley and more.


If you want to see a full list of free resources available to students to help them build their college resumes, in our article on Apple News.