College Scholarship Guide

By Michaela March 10, 2021 College Application Press Scholarships and Financial Aid

As tuition prices increase, so does your projected student loan debt. One way to diminish the overall cost is by pursuing scholarships, both merit and external. With most colleges exceeding $40,000 in their cost of attendance, any financial assistance seems like a blessing and scholarships are among the best options in financial aid. So, how do you know if you are the right fit for applying to a scholarship?

Here is what Moon Prep counselor Michaela has to say: “In terms of what makes a student a perfect candidate for a scholarship, my suggestion would be to not stretch your background to fit a certain criterion. It always seems to be a losing proposition. I have almost never seen students get a scholarship when they have to work extra hard to position themselves to qualify for a scholarship. Find scholarships that are right in your wheelhouse and require an essay or video. That is your best bet by far.”

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