Quoted: Is It Time to Seriously Consider an Online School for Your Child?

By Michaela July 29, 2020 Online Courses Press Standardized Tests

Online learning isn’t new, but it is certainly new to many families. As the coming school year approaches, parents are evaluating every option available. Some are choosing to homeschool, some families are sending their children to school even if this entails a hybrid learning environment, and still others are considering a fully-online high school program. But what would that look like? And how can families make the most of this extended time at home. Our quotes have a few solutions:

“Michaela Schieffer, college counselor and scholarship coach with college admissions consulting firm Moon Prep, cautions that parents of online students will naturally need to be more hands-on and serve as de facto guidance counselors. You’ll also need to be vigilant and understand that you’ll have to create more structure at home.”

“Schieffer recommends spending time prepping for standardized tests and researching external scholarships, which can be used at any college. ‘Turn it into a family event,’ she says. ‘Parents need to be vigilant on checking for those big registration dates, like standardized testing.’ It’s never too early to get started. Even freshman can start building a list of fellowships they plan to apply to later. Parents can get into the virtual action by watching webinars to get a good handle on their student’s academic future.”

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