Mark Your Calendar – More BS/MD Deadlines Are Approaching

By Brandie Erickson November 27, 2023 BS/MD Admissions Consulting College Application Press

Seniors, application season is not quite over yet. Even though quite a few BS/MD deadlines have passed, you still need to pay attention to supplemental applications and late BS/MD deadlines. Check your email every day to ensure you aren’t missing any supplemental essay requests from schools. 

Here is the list of upcoming BS/MD deadlines:

St. Bonaventure University: 11/30

Caldwell College: 12/1

Case Western Reserve University: 12/1

Creighton University: 12/1 (primary application), 1/10 (secondary application)

Florida Atlantic University: 12/1

Indiana University Indianapolis: 12/1

Peru State College: 12/1

Rowan University: 12/1

St. Louis University: 12/1

University of Cincinnati: 12/1

Wayne State University: 12/1

Indiana State University: 12/15

Montclair State University: 12/15

Seton Hall: 12/15

University of Louisville: 12/15

UC Merced: 11/30 (primary application), 12/7 (secondary application)

Brooklyn College City University of New York: 12/8

Sophie Davis Biomedical Education Program: 12/30

University of Toledo: 1/3

Brown University: Regular decision deadline 1/5

University of South Florida Honors College: 1/8

Mercer University: 1/12

Augusta University: 11/15 (primary application), 1/15 (secondary application) 

Hofstra University: 11/15 or 12/15 (primary application), 1/15 (supplemental application) 

University of Oklahoma: 1/15

University of Tulsa: 1/15

University of Arizona: 1/18

University of South Carolina: 11/15 for undergrad + honors college, 1/29 (secondary

University of Houston: 2/1

*Deadlines are subject to change; Confirm all program deadlines directly on the program’s website. 

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