It’s Not Too Late To Apply To BS/MD Programs: 26 Programs With Late Deadlines

By Brandie Erickson December 6, 2022 BS/MD Admissions Consulting Press

Direct Medical Programs, also known as BS/MD or BS/DO programs, are an attractive option for high school seniors committed to a career in medicine. Once admitted, students are guaranteed a spot in the partnered medical school if they meet all program requirements. 

Highly competitive, these Direct Medical Programs typically admit just a few students each year, such as Baylor University’s Baylor2 Medical Track Program, which accepts just six students. The University of Pittsburg’s Guaranteed Admission Program (GAP) received more than 2,000 applications for just 10-20 spots. To be considered, students often have high GPAs and SAT/ACT scores, with resumes filled with medical-based experiences and leadership positions. 

While most of the deadlines for direct medical programs are in November, some have later deadlines. These programs give students a second chance to add more schools to their college list. To see the  list and details read the full article here.