March Medical Newsletter

By Brandie Erickson March 22, 2023 Medical School Admissions Consulting Newsletter

Acceptance season is officially upon us in mid-March! The Moon Prep students are receiving acceptance news to BS/MD and BS/DO programs every day this month, it seems. However, a few programs are still interviewing, and we cannot recommend enough the importance of checking your email inbox daily – and don’t forget to check your student portals at each school

Students at Moon Prep have already been accepted to many exciting programs, including: 

  • Penn State’s Premedical-Medical Program
  • Seton Hall’s Joint Bachelor’s/M.D. Program
  • Virginia Commonwealth University’s Guaranteed Admission Program
  • University of Alabama’s Early Medical School Acceptance Program
  • New York Institute of Technology’s 3+4 DO Pathway
  • Nova Southeastern University’s Dual Admission Program
  • Rowan University’s 3+4 Medical Degree
  • University of South Alabama’s Early Acceptance Program
  • University of Toledo’s Bacc2Med program

As a reminder: If you (or a student in your house!) have an upcoming BS/MD or BS/DO interview, we are able to help with this essential final step to showcase your dedication to joining the medical field. The Moon Prep team is skilled in assisting students through the interview process, including traditional and MMI interviews. Schedule a call today to get started and be well-prepared. Plan ahead and get started now!


News, Dates, and Deadlines

A March reminder! The 2023 Virtual Medical School Fair will be held March 28-29 hosted by the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC). Registration is free; participants can chat live with medical schools to determine the best fit!


– Xavier University in New Orleans has announced a partnership with Ochsner Health to open a new medical school, location to be determined. 


Match Week

This past week is one of the most important weeks in the medical school cycle: Match Week. Beginning Monday of last week, residency applicants learned if they were matched to a residency training program. Match Week concludes at noon on Friday when the National Resident Matching Program releases Match results to all matched residency applicants, and programs also learn the results of the Match. In-person and virtual Match Day ceremonies are held nationwide to recognize certain applicants for their achievements, so it has been a busy week for many residency applicants! This year’s Match Day marked the largest number of matches in 70 years, as reported by the NRMP website.

Unmatched, eligible applicants may participate in the NRMP’s Supplemental Offer and Acceptance Program. The American Association of Medical Colleges released an article chronicling the steps for unmatched applicants. Read more on the AAMC website to understand the process fully. 

On a personal note, we are proud of our Moon Prep medical mentors who Matched into Radiology, Emergency Medicine, Internal Medicine and Family Medicine last week. As a special treat to our newsletter readers, we will publish in the next newsletter a brand new Ask Me Anything video, of our medical mentors detailing the Match process!

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New Pathway to Medicine in Indiana

Indiana University has announced a new direct medical pathway for students seeking assured admission to the IU School of Medicine. The Pathway to Medicine program will allow students to choose between an accelerated path of 3+4 years or the traditional 4+4 timeline. The program should be open for fall 2024 enrollment at IU Indianapolis, with first-year students eligible to apply.  Read all the details on the IU Newsroom website.


Cost of Top Medical Education

It’s no secret that college costs are on the rise, and medical schools are not immune to these increases. Many students not only seek a medical education, but a degree from a highly ranked school of medicine. When you consider the fact that many students apply to top undergraduate schools in order to eventually apply to these top medical schools, the cost of eight years of education can carry a hefty final price tag. As our rising seniors begin building their college lists with direct medical programs and top traditional pre-med schools, we encourage our students to consider the cost of their entire medical education. Becker’s ASC Review just released their survey of the medical costs of the top medical schools, so that students can plan accordingly for the medical school costs ahead. A few colleges in Texas, Baylor College of Medicine and UT Southwestern, were among the most affordable schools alongside the University of New Mexico, while the Ivy schools topped the list for the highest cost.