March Admissions News

By Michaela March 10, 2022 BS/MD Admissions Consulting Newsletter

Final Decision Season Is Here

In the admissions cycle, the month of March is always full of planning and important dates to remember. Seniors are eagerly awaiting college acceptances and wrapping up BS/MD and undergraduate interviews. As counselors, we spent this month scheduling interview prep sessions with our interviewing students, sending last-minute encouragement messages, and helping families plan the logistics of juggling multiple interviews. Interviews are the final step in the admissions cycle and mark the beginning of the final decision season. Just a reminder, if you have BS/MD interviews still scheduled this month, we are available, even last-minute, to help you prepare. 

Juniors – Let’s Get Started!

If you have a junior student at home, March is the month to be adding a college counselor to your college admissions plan (If you have not already!). Our younger students are diligently working on submitting applications to prestigious summer research programs, many of which have deadlines this month! This is the last summer to make an impact on your college resume. 

Schedule a free call with Moon Prep to make sure you are making the right moves. 

Application Steps Juniors Can Begin RIGHT NOW:

Building a college list and creating an Activities list for their Common Application are a few of the steps that should be completed before summer begins. 

Admissions News

Test-Optional Extensions 

While most advisors still recommend showcasing your academic strengths by submitting a standardized score on your college applications, top juniors who have experienced limited access to SAT/ACT prep resources are in luck regarding applying test-optional this upcoming admissions cycle. University of PennsylvaniaYale University and Princeton University have joined Stanford University in extending their test-optional admissions approach for the Fall 2023 enrollment.

The Future Is Digital

In case you missed the news we shared in our last newsletter, the future of the SAT is digital. This digital shift for the SAT format was announced by the College Board at the end of January. While the new digital test does not mean that students can take the test at home, it does mean the end of the traditional paper-and-pen test. Additionally, the test will be a full hour shorter in length, and calculators will be allowed throughout all math sections of the exam. Students will be able to use their own electronic devices to take the test, or a device will be provided to them. This new format will also bring added security, without the need to retest everyone when one paper exam was compromised. Read more in our latest article on Forbes.

Junior Year Checklist

March is the month that many juniors sign up at Moon Prep, as March and April are major months in the college planning process. Many early items on the college application checklist can be completed early, to allow submitting applications during senior year to be a smooth and enjoyable experience. Download Moon Prep’s Junior Year Checklist as a sample of the action steps our counselors take with our students. 

States Requiring the FAFSA

In recent years, there has been a steady decline in the number of students not completing the FAFSA for college financial aid, resulting in billions of dollars that are unused each year. Previously, eight states have required the FAFSA for incoming freshmen: Louisiana, Texas, Illinois, California, Alabama, Colorado, New Hampshire, Maryland. After the National Conference of State Legislatures, seven additional states are considering adding this FAFSA requirement: Florida, Hawaii, Indiana, Kentucky, Nebraska, New York, and South Carolina.

Read more of the fascinating FAFSA statistics in the report by the National Conference of State Legislatures.

Applications Soar in California

The University of California system has set the gold standard for the elimination of standardized tests in the college admissions game, and their bold moves have paid off. For the second year in a row, the University of California’s record-breaking numbers of applications have only increased this year, by over three percent. With UCLA leading the way with the most applications, the UC system is proof that test-blind admissions are here to stay. Check out all the application numbers across the UC system in the Los Angeles Times.

Summer Research

At Moon Prep, we are focused on helping our students maximize the items on their resumes to stand out to their top colleges. Our counselors are available to help any students in your household pursue meaningful summer planning. Schedule a free call with Moon Prep to see how we can help!

Are you looking for a resume booster for this summer? Want to earn 2 college credits while completing hands-on research? 

Rising Researchers is a virtual, interactive, research-intensive program where high school students work directly with a scientist from UMass.

This 4-week program is a research experience like no other. This research program offers 2 college credits (transferable to a university of your choice), a certificate of completion, and publication in UMass’s research journal.

By the end of the program, students will have a publication to add to their resumes and submit with their college applications. Our experienced team will guide the student through the entire process. 

You can have your research featured in this publication – UMass — High School Research Journal, Summer 2021 

Ready to get started? Register by April 1 to save $200! But, don’t wait that long; space is limited, and we will likely sell out before then. 

Apply Now


Scholarships and Reviewing Your Financial Aid Letter

Thursday, March 10, 8:00 PM ET

With the cost of many top universities exceeding $75K per year, paying for college without being buried in student loan debt is on the top of many families’ minds.

Moon Prep’s scholarship experts will guide families, including high-income students, through the whole process. 

They will be covering everything from:

  • How to find scholarships

  • Which scholarships pay the most

  • Uncover hidden funds on campus

  • How to graduate from college with minimal debt

Register here


Understanding The College Admissions Process

Thursday, March 24, 8:00 PM ET

Are you ready to begin your college admissions journey? Having a plan is key!

Moon Prep Counselors will cover a checklist for high school students, including:

– How to build your resume safely during a pandemic

– Creating a college list

– Understanding the different ways of applying to colleges

– Applying for scholarships

Thursday, March 24, 8:00 PM ET

Register here


March scholarship advice: This is the final home stretch for applying to external scholarships, with only three months left of deadlines to apply to your senior year! Plan to spend the same amount of time per week you devoted to writing college essays to now searching for and applying to scholarships.

Heinlein Society Scholarship 4 awards of $4,000, due April 1 

With one award specifically reserved for a woman in a STEM major and two awards available for any STEM major, this scholarship is a great option for any pre-med student. The application includes a short essay, picking from multiple prompts, and resume. Apply here.

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