June Admissions News

By Michaela June 15, 2022 BS/MD Admissions Consulting Newsletter

With AP exams behind us, rising Moon Prep  seniors are diving headfirst into college admissions essays. At Moon Prep, we have carefully constructed a tried-and-true method for completing the long list of essays ahead of them. Do you know how many essays seniors have to write? Depending on their college lists, students applying to traditional undergraduate programs may write over fifty essays, while BS/MD candidates are often required to complete more than one hundred essays. 

If there is a rising senior in your household, do not hesitate another day in seeking college counseling assistance. The summer months are the most valuable in setting the pace for how many colleges on your list are applied to in the fall. As soon as senior year begins, it is too easy to get caught up in classes, studying for exams, and wanting to spend time with friends. We cannot stress enough how vital it is to start the process and essay writing now! 

Our advice for rising seniors? In addition to downloading Moon Prep’s Essay Blueprintschedule a free call with Moon Prep to hear about our services and see how one of our counselors can help you with your course selection for next year, build your resume, follow your passions and craft noteworthy essays to give you the best chance of admission to your top college.

Admissions News

A New AP

There is no better time to discuss the future of AP classes than at the ending of AP exams. The College Board just announced the addition of a new course, AP PreCalculus, to debut in the fall of 2023. With so many of the Moon Prep students pursuing STEM majors and BS/MD admissions, the opportunity to add an additional math AP course with a focus on STEM will be a great addition to future transcripts. Having the opportunity to add an additional AP course for underclassmen, as this course will be, will allow another opportunity to demonstrate an aptitude for math and science. Read the full announcement on the College Board’s newsroom.

A Balanced College List

As rising seniors put the finishing touches on their college lists, it’s common to be considering schools that you’ve never heard of before this year. The importance of having a well-balanced list cannot be underestimated. You can give yourself the best chance for success at admission to a great college by giving careful consideration to adding Reach schools that have more competitive admissions and acceptance numbers, Match schools that you have a very good chance of gaining admission, and Safety schools where you are almost sure to get in. This is also the time to give some thought to when you plan to apply to these schools and explore if applying Early Decision to a school is the right choice for you. If you are in the middle of considering all of these factors, downloading Moon Prep’s College List Guide can help guide your search for the colleges that will end up on your college list.

Test-Optional Results

The updates on the approaching test-optional admissions cycle are here, and most colleges are maintaining their test-optional policies. This test-optional move has certainly encouraged students to have the confidence to apply to more colleges than they normally would have and have experienced admissions success from this choice. Are you considering applying as a test-optional applicant? It is important to note testing policies for financial aid at each school on your list (are scores still required for merit aid?), and make sure your application is strong in spite of a score. For students planning to take the SAT or ACT this summer, it’s a good idea to plan for more than one exam date: The College Board reports that the majority of students earn a higher score the second time. Read this fascinating article by Money.com on navigating a test-optional admissions cycle. 

Discounted Tuition Rates

It’s no secret that a college degree comes with a price tag in tuition. However, private nonprofit institutions have been making the right moves in bridging the gap of affordability. In a study conducted by the National Association of College and University Business Officers, it was found that the average tuition discount at these colleges reached a record high of 54.5 percent in the last admissions cycle for first-time students. Read the article from Inside Higher Ed about these tuition discounts. For further advice on reducing the cost of tuition, read our guide on applying to the FASFA for federal student aid or take our course on applying for scholarships

AI and ML Learning Sessions

The Center for Excellence in Education (CEE) is delighted to announce two Zoom sessions offering information on the fields of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). Through our network of research scientists and a team of world-class presenters, the upcoming AI Series will articulate recent advances in AI/ML while addressing core challenges for experienced computer scientists, software engineers, technologists, entrepreneurs, investors, business executives, public policymakers, and ethicists. 

The CEE AI Series will consist of two sessions to be held over Zoom on June 9 and June 16, 2022 at noon EDT. Each session will comprise 45 minutes of panel discussion followed by 20 minutes of Q&A. 

Register HERE 

Summer Planning

Application iQ

The college application can be stressful, but getting an early start can make a difference and give yourself a competitive edge in the application process.

Spend your summer at Application iQ working on all the elements of your college applications, including the essays, and start the fall semester with a headstart over your classmates.

With two versions of this application bootcamp, a 3 week option for traditional college applicants, and a 5 week option for BS/MD applicants, students are guaranteed to start the application season off on the right foot. 

By the end of the camp, students will: 

  • Create a balanced college list 

  • Write a captivating personal statement and supplemental essays

  • Build an activity list highlighting your achievements

  • Develop organizational skills to help the student stay on track and effectively manage the application process 

Course syllabus and learning objectives can be found here. 

Hurry! Seats are extremely limited and filling up fast. Apply now to secure your spot.



What BS/MD Candidates Need To Do This Summer

Thursday, June 9, 8:00 PM ET

Direct medical programs—also known as BS/MD, BA/MD, BS/DO, or BA/DO—are some of the most competitive programs in the college admission process, with some programs only accepting 6 applicants a year. Students accepted into a BS/MD program can finish their undergraduate studies and go directly into medical school thanks to a partnership between the two institutions.

For high school students who already know that they are 100% committed to becoming a doctor, a direct medical program might be the right choice. Students can get accepted into a medical school at the same time as undergraduate programs, giving them a distinct advantage over their peers.

In this webinar, we will cover everything you need to know about BS/MD programs, including:

– Advantages and disadvantages of applying to the program

– When to start preparing

– Building your academic profile

– Extracurricular activities

Register here


A Summer Checklist For Rising Seniors

Thursday, June 23, 8:00 PM ET

For rising seniors, the summer before application season begins is more important than ever.

Moon Prep Counselors will cover a checklist for the summer for rising seniors, including how to build your resume, prepare for the college application and understand the college admission process.

Participants will be able to ask any questions and have an experienced counselor provide expert guidance.

Even if you can’t make the webinar date, a recording will be sent out to everyone who registered.

Register here


June scholarship advice: For juniors, focus on college essays for right now, but be aware of the common essays asked by scholarship committees and let those essays pull double duty! 

American Red Cross – Leaders Save Lives Scholarship, due August 31  

multiple awards of $2,500

Perfect for our future premed students, this award combines leadership experience for your resume with scholarship funds. You are eligible for the award after hosting a blood drive over the summer.  Apply here.

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