August Admissions News

By Michaela August 24, 2022 Newsletter

Good news, and bad news for August!

The BAD news…

All Moon Prep direct medical counselors are at capacity and will not be accepting any more seniors for the 2022-23 admissions cycle. Moon Prep has had a record year and many of our seniors secured their spots months (if not years) in advance. Our BS/MD counselors are in high demand and only work with a limited number of students each cycle. For this reason, seniors who delayed will unfortunately be out of luck as our experienced counselors have reached capacity. 

The GOOD news…

We are still able to offer a BS MD Essay Package (at a reduced rate!) to seniors. Moon Prep has a team of experienced essay coaches who can help seniors stay on track and tackle their personal statement, supplemental essays, activity lists, resumes, and more. Essays consume a large part of the application work, with seniors often writing 50+ essays. We have an experienced team who can help, but do not delay, this is likely to sell out as well.

As Summer Winds Down…

Once again, our summer programs were a fantastic success. Rising Researchers students are wrapping up the journal articles they are submitting for guaranteed publication at UMass Amherst, while Application iQ students are walking away from their essay boot camp with a completed Common Application profile and most of their required personal statement and supplemental essays completed. This head start on essays is priceless for our BS/MD applicants especially, as they are required to complete more than fifty essays, on average. Many Moon Prep students even break 100 essays!

Have a rising junior in your household? Mark your calendars to register for one of our transformative summer programs next year. But if there is a rising senior in your household, our professional advice is to not waste any time in completing college admissions essays! Download Moon Prep’s Essay Blueprint, to stay on top of the essays you are completing in the remainder of the summer.

Admissions News

Breaking BS MD News!

Breaking News – Boston University cancels their seven-year liberal arts/medical education program. Unfortunately for students who had BU listed at the top of their BS/MD lists for this upcoming admissions cycle, their BA/MD program has been canceled until further notice. There has not been a formal announcement made, but emails have been sent to some families. At this time, we do not have additional information to share, but will update our students when a reason is released. 

Recommendations: Which Teachers?

As the beginning of the school year approaches, the question on many of our rising seniors’ minds is which of their teachers this year to ask for Letters of Recommendations. The counselors at Moon Prep are fielding these questions often in recent meetings, so it is likely at the top of other students’ minds as well. The truth is this: You need to be strategic about which teachers are writing recommendations. For any future major, you should focus on letters from teachers in your junior year, preferably. These are teachers who have most recently known you and have also seen your aptitude in advanced courses, not freshman courses. The exception might be a teacher you had as an underclassmen, who also teaches one of your senior year classes or is now the sponsor for one of your extracurriculars (like the school robotics team). If intending to apply to a science field, like BS/MD applicants, make sure you are including a letter from an upperclassmen science or math teacher. To double-check that you are not missing any additional piece of the college admissions to-do list, refer to Moon Prep’s Junior Year Checklist.  

Admissions Shortages

With increases in application numbers being reported by every university, another facet to this enhanced competition is not often considered or discussed. The truth is that the hiring shortages affecting every other industry have also impacted admissions departments.  One of the driving factors behind this shortage in admissions officers is the difficulty for this position to be remote, with the number of campus events to host in addition to reviewing applications. The admissions team you are submitting your application to is likely under-staffed. What does this mean for your upcoming admissions cycle? Your essay needs to be all the more engaging, to catch the attention of the admissions officers. Download Moon Prep’s guide Essays That Worked to compare your essays to finished products and make sure the “wow” factor is in each one of your essays!

A Standardized Report

Earlier this summer, the ACT produced a report focused on exploring the role of the ACT within the changing landscape of college admissions. This report discovered and addressed the inflation of grades within high schools, and the importance of standardized tests for colleges to accurately compare student profiles across applications. In the ongoing discussion about test-optional admissions, it is important to consider the position from the standardized tests themselves. As students finalize their college lists, using a Moon Prep college list resource as a guide, it is imperative to do the research into each college, and to continue to keep in mind that even if the general college is test-optional, their Honors colleges, specialty programs like BS/MD programs, and merit-based financial aid options may not be as test-optional.

Federal Financial Aid Changes

If you are a student in need of pursuing need-based aid to be able to attend your dream school, you are in luck! Beginning with this upcoming admissions cycle, the FAFSA will be more simplified than it has been in the past, increasing the accessibility to financial aid for families. Among the changes to come, the Expected Family Contribution, or EFC, is getting a new name, the cost of attendance parameters have been adjusted, and Pell Grant eligibility will be simplified. Overall, FAFSA applicants may see an increase in the aid they qualify for.   


August scholarship advice: Seniors, do you know how many scholarships ask the prompt “what do you plan to major in and why?” We’re pretty sure the majority of you have a “Why Major” essay on your To-Do list this summer, why not use it for scholarships too!

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