Want To Go To Medical School For Free? Here’s How

By Lindsey December 21, 2021 Medical School Admissions Consulting Press Scholarships and Financial Aid

For medical school students attending in-state medical schools, tuition and fees increased more than 10% last year. With the average debt for the medical class of 2020 already reaching over $200,000, it is no surprise that many students are looking for a way to attend medical school for free.

Luckily, a few schools offer free tuition to some or all of their students. However, those schools can be incredibly competitive. When New York University School of Medicine went tuition-free, they saw a nearly 50% increase in applications the next year.

For those who might be wondering if a cheaper (or free!) education means lower quality, that is often not the case. Students graduating from tuition-free schools can often secure residency positions at competitive programs and have the same access to hands-on activities.

If you want to attend a tuition-free medical school, here are some tips to get accepted (read more at Forbes)

  • Apply early! Prioritize sending in your applications within the first few weeks of applications opening up in May/June. 
  • Re-read the school’s mission statement. See what they are prioritizing in their student class and how you emulate those values in your activities and life. 
  • Before the interview, review what you sent in. Before the interview, look at your personal statement, secondaries, and any other information you sent in. 

To find out which schools offer tuition-free medical education, check out our article on Forbes