The 10 Hardest Medical Schools To Get Into And How You Can Improve Your Chances

By Lindsey December 17, 2021 Medical School Admissions Consulting

It’s no secret that med school admissions are competitive. Each year, unfortunately, it seems to get more and more challenging, with the most competitive schools accepting less than 3% of applicants. 

Due in part to the Covid-19 pandemic, more students are motivated than ever to join the medical field. And while there are more and more qualified applicants, there aren’t extra seats being added to medical schools. That means applicants need to work extra hard to stand out from others. 

Moon Prep’s article on Forbes  covers a variety of tips, including:

  • Applying to more schools: Students should apply to at least 25-30+ schools and a combination of both DO (osteopathic) and MD (allopathic) medical schools. 
  • Brainstorming new activities: Because many hospitals and doctors aren’t allowed volunteering or shadowing, it can be hard for students to get traditional resume building activities. However, there are other options out there, such as online volunteer work through organizations like 7 Cups or Crisis Text Line. Virtual Scribing and shadowing are also opportunities for students to showcase their passion for medicine. 
  • Adding a passion project: Students should be exploring unique ways to stand out. It might be starting a club, turning a hobby into impactful activities, or anything that they are passionate about! 

To read more and to get the complete list of the top 10 hardest medical schools to get into, read the full article on Forbes